Fast Train Passed Through the Lobby

Fast Train Passed Through the Lobby: SAMGİAD Board Member Bülent Pamuk; He said that the High Speed ​​Train Project was not primarily in the government program, but was recovered through lobbying.

Samsun Young Businessmen (SAMGİAD) Board Member Bülent Pamuk; "High-speed railway projects will be implemented in Samsun, Turkey getting into government programs had been disqualified. Samsun was included in the program with the subsequent prints. In fact, the rail can be made stronger. Samsun is a very important point. Together with this railway infrastructure, people can get rid of high shipping costs. Then, with the future logistics village, Samsun can come to much better points. People who will be brothers in Samsun or politicians should give importance to this and should make efforts in this regard. " said.


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