Erzurum Ski Club Specialization Response

The customization response of erzurum ski club
The customization response of erzurum ski club

Turkey's Erzurum manager of the oldest Ski Club ski team, the scope of the privatization reacted to enter the field of building services in Palandöken.

Due to the decision to privatize all the ski centers in Erzurum, the inclusion of the Erzurum Ski Club's service building in Palandöken also concerns club managers and athletes. Reacting to the inclusion of the clubhouse within the scope of privatization, Erzurum Ski Club President Bülent Ülker asked for the club buildings to be left out of the scope of privatization scope.

President of Erzurum Ski Club Bülent Ülker said, 'Our building located in Palandöken Ski Center of a club that has more than 70 cups in its museum has been included in the scope of privatization. You may appreciate that the club building is a must for the athletes and the club to be successful. Erzurum Ski Club does not have any burden and burden on the public; He trains our children from bad habits in a sense to sports and skiing. I would like to exclude our club building from the scope of privatization scope in order to continue our activities in a better way, I would like to offer my respects to the athletes who sweat for our country and flag. We expect urgent spiritual support from our state elders and people of Erzurum. imiz

Police teams for the evacuation of the club building 15 within days of privatization decision made to the authorities.


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