Erzincan Railway System Project Contribution to the City

Erzincan Rail system project will gain benefits after the contribution analysis to the city: Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy made a general evaluation about the work done by the Municipality in the last 6 months.

Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, who stated that they were providing citizen-oriented services after the start of the office, said: 'We started the works from the roads and sidewalks, which are the most important problems of our city. In the last six months, 24 thousand square meters of streets and streets have been asphalted by using 210 thousand tons of asphalt. As a result of the tender held a short time ago, we will carry out another 75 km of asphalt work until the end of the year. We will exceed.

Within the scope of the studies carried out by the Directorate of Parks and Gardens, 14 km has been reached in automatic irrigation systems that benefit both personnel and time. We will extend the automatic irrigation system on the streets of Ergenekon Boulevard on the Boulevard Boulevard, Research Hospital Boulevard, Halit Pawi and Fevzi Pasa Street.

Bicycle Paths

The Bicycle Roads Project, which is included in our 24 major projects and costs about 1 million TL, is at the tender stage. We aim to start work this year for the first examples.

In addition, the feasibility studies of the tramway project, which is planned to be built between the airport and the university, are also underway. We are making the cost analysis of the rail system in our city. This project will be achieved after these analyzes.

As can be seen, the first six months of the city's priority, the work of ours was our priority. We transferred all our strengths to the superstructure works.

We have many important projects that we are looking forward to giving the good news. ' I Dе.



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