High Speed ​​Train, Airport Highway and Geotermale No Good News at the Economy Summit

High Speed ​​Train, Airport Highway and Geothermal No Good News at the Economy Summit: The Governorship of Aydın, Aydın Commodity Exchange, Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association, Aydın Chamber of Commerce, Efeler Chamber of Agriculture and Aydın Chamber of Industry organized jointly by the Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci ' The 1st Economic Summit of Aydın, held in the Aydın Commodity Exchange Conference Hall, ended with the Minister Zeybekci not giving any concrete good news about the projects that Aydın people expected to be completed for years. Only the gospel of encouragement came from the summit that will delight olive, olive oil and fig producers.
Aydın-Denizli high-speed train line, Aydın-Denizli highway, which has turned into a snake story for years, Aydın Çıldır Airport, İzmir-Çine-Güllük port railway line and the realization of geothermal resources in Aydın. Although they persistently voiced their issues, they could not receive any concrete good news from Minister Zeybekci, who was originally from the Aegean. All chamber presidents repeated their demands for Aydın to be included in the 5th region incentive for the development of the agricultural industry and the establishment of new facilities to process agricultural products.
However, the Minister Zeybekci, although much longer and talk close 2 hours in total from all the speakers, telling mainly Turkey general-until the economic situation of numerical data and the AKP government chose to bring the language of what they do in the economy.
Minister Zeybekci answered the questions of the press members at the break during the summit, and said that the struggle reporter asked him; “You have been in power for 12 years. Since the single-party era in Turkey, no political party has remained in power uninterrupted during this long. What do you attribute to the fact that the current airport in Aydın is still not open to flights, despite three uninterrupted government periods throughout your rule, and that projects such as high-speed trains and Aydın-Denizli highway have not yet been realized? " and left the form question unanswered.
Aydın Governor Erol Ayyıldız, AKP Aydın Deputies Mehmet Erdem and Ali Gültekin Kılınç, CHP Aydın Deputies Metin Lütfi Baydar and Os-man Aydın, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem Framioğlu, Efeler Mayor Mesut Özakcan, Aegean Region Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association President Gürkan Renkdağ , Aydın Commodity Exchange Chairman Adnan Bosnalı, E-feler Chamber of Agriculture President Rıza Posacı, Aydın Chamber of Commerce Chairman Hakan Ülken, Aydın Chamber of Industry Chairman Mehmet Yunus Şahin, Press Advertisements Institution Aydın Provincial Director Özer Akoğlu, KOSGEB Aydın Service Center Manager Turgut Gözen, AKP Provincial Chairman Sadık Atay, MHP Provincial Chairman Fevzi Köse CHP Efeler District Chairman Bayram İnci, SS 46 Aydın Cotton and Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperative Chairman Nizamettin Başaran and Aydın and Ankara ' Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem Framioğlu made the opening speech of the summit attended by many bureaucrats and administrators. In his speech, framioğlu asked Minister Zeybekci to increase the 1 Megawatt limit, which is the legal limit for establishing a solar energy facility, to 2 Megawatts:
“One of our most important riches is geothermal energy. In addition, Aydın has 365 days of sunny weather, 300 days a year. Ideal for solar energy. If geothermal energy and solar energy are used, Aydın is richer than Saudi Arabia, which has the world's most important oil reserves. Just as oil is a great energy resource, geothermal energy is a wealth equivalent to billions of dollars of oil for Aydın. We request that the upper limit of unlicensed facility establishment, which is 1 Megawatt in solar energy, be increased to 2 Megawatts ”.
Aydın Governor Erol Ayyıldız, who came to the podium after Mayor Framioğlu, gave information about Aydın's economy and the works of the governorship in his speech.
After Governor Ayyıldız, President of Efeler Chamber of Agriculture Rıza Posacı made a speech. In his speech, Posacı touched upon the problems experienced by agriculture in Aydın and stated the following in summary:
Im Nobody gives support to the fig producer. A support premium should be given to the fig producer. Again, under the scope of Agricultural Insurance (TARSİM), fig producer should be taken in the time of rain.
Also, chestnuts are among our important products. But we cannot get the added value of chestnuts. Because we sell without processing. We want incentives to be given in this regard and the added value of this product to remain in Aydın thanks to the chestnut processing facilities to be opened.
Our province is one of the leading provinces in organic agriculture. Olive, fig and chestnut constitute 97 percent of the organic farming areas in our province.
Our livestock is also in the breakthrough. With the recent supports of our Ministry, a rapid increase in the number of cattle and small ruminants is observed.
In order to be able to compete on an equal footing with the EU in cotton, our state, like those countries, needs to be encouraged and intervened.
In olive industry, not only olive oil, but also olives should be encouraged. Within the context of the inward processing regime, we are against imports in every field. Dahil
Aydın Commodity Exchange Chairman Adnan Bosnalı, who came to the podium after Posacı, briefly stood out as follows:
Olm The absence of licensed warehouses in dried figs is one of the biggest problems. Olive and olive oil have very important problems. 4 TL is used for olive oil in EU member countries and 0,50 cents for olive is provided.
It is suggested that the support amounts should be 0,25 TL for table olives and 2 TL for olive oil. At least half of the EU's support will be enough to get us flying.
Turkey ikincisiyiz in cotton. But despite our high quality cotton production potential, our producer is turning to alternative products because of insufficient income and our dependence on imports is increasing.
We can buy 2 products in cotton in one year. But with the support given to the first product 2. There is a big difference between the support given to the product. We demand to be equivalent.
Corn produced in our country is protected. We want the same protection to happen for cotton. We demand that the spinning industry be strictly encouraged to use domestic cotton, and that cotton gin factories are included in TARSİM. VAT on cotton should be reduced to 1 percent, and investments in our strategic product should be included in the 5th region.
Turkey's highest pine takes place in our city. We want afforestation activities to be considered important. However, we demand that the pine nut forests be cultivated close to the villages and benefit from the 5th region incentives.
We are in the second place in the world after the USA in strawberry, but we are in the 2th place in exports. It is our request that investments to be made in our city, especially in cold weather, in strawberry. "
Then Aydin Chamber of Industry Chairman Mehmet Yu-nus Sahin came to the podium and Aydinli sa-nayicilerin voiced problems.
In his speech, Hakan Ülken, the Chairman of the Board of Aydın Chamber of Commerce, reminded the Minister Zeybekci one by one of the investments and problems of the Aydın economy that awaited solution from the government and demanded the completion of the investments.
Gürkan Renkli-dağ, President of the Aegean Region Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Union, who came to the stage after the presentations of the Ministry bureaucrats, summarized in his presentation with the visual graphics:
"We see that Turkey's exports exceeded USD 150 Mil-half. We are moving towards the 2023 targets in export increase. When we evaluate the exports of the Aegean Region in the last 12 months on the basis of sectors, the export of our region has reached 19 billion dollars. Aydın's exports of agricultural products meet 17 percent of Aegean Region exports.
In 2011 data, exports from Aydın to Iran have significantly decreased. This is due to the Iranian government imposing a 2012 percent tariff in 90.
With 24 million olive trees, in Aydın, which has the highest number of olive trees in Turkey, olive oil exports are at the level of 1 percent according to TURKSTAT figures.
Similarly, 95 percent of the production takes place in Aydin, only 75 percent of the export of 25 thousand TDO held from Aydin in Turkey is realized.
The main reasons for this situation are that there are not enough facilities in our province and the centers of the companies in our province are in different provinces.
There is a similar situation in exports of industrial products. The export of Aydin to the Middle East by the settled firms in some districts, and the customs clearance transactions from other provinces which are on the export route instead of increasing the costs by returning to the same distance and by increasing the costs, Aydın exports fall.
If the personnel of the Customs Directorate make these final checks in the districts, this problem will be solved.
When the 2013 figures of Aydın export by sectors are examined, it is seen that it is 48% in industry, 25% in agriculture, 18% in mines, 5% in chemical products, 3% in textiles and apparel. However, when Aydın's actual export was evaluated, it was found that it was 34% in industry, 51% in agriculture, 10% in mines, 2% in chemical products and 2% in textiles.
I want to draw attention to the most important issue: The ratio of Aydın's exports to imports. It is seen that the average ratio of Aydın's exports to imports between 2011-13 was 230%. When the actual situation is taken into consideration, it is seen that the same rate is around 367%.
In other words, the export of Aydın to our country gives an added value to 860 Million Dollar in closing our country's current account deficit. Yani
I would like to present the solution suggestions for increasing the exportation of Aydın in the main section:
1 - Not enough investment in our city
2 in investment incentives. Since it is located in the region, its incentives are at lower levels. Investors go to other regions to benefit from more incentives.
100 2012 3305 17 5 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX under priority investment by adding to mad-desine. they should benefit from regional support.
2- TOKİ should establish industrial zones in our city
Land prices of organized industrial zones in our province are around 80 thousand TL. It reaches 100 thousand TL with its infrastructure investments. This figure is even higher in the Aegean region.
An investment in an agricultural product is required at least 30 acreage. When you build on it, you need a very serious preliminary investment such as 15 Million TL without producing a single product without saying Bismillah.
For this, we have the following suggestion: TOKİ will be allocated to the investor industrialists by the Prime Ministry and to establish industrial zones in our province, and to rent the factories to industrialists.
For this application, the pilot region of the Aegean Region should be selected and its implementation should be initiated in our province.
3- Nav-lun Premium for International Competition
I conveyed this to my Minister in many meetings. Freight Premium must be applied for Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Iraq.
Turkey to be paid from a truck exports to Romania in Euro 2000-t, while EU countries pay 500 euros-tive.
freight from Turkey to Moscow and paid 4200 dollars, while the EU St. Petersburg Port, they pay 2000 Dollars to Moscow, with a connecting flight.
Iraq from Turkey en fee is around $ 3000. EU countries, on the other hand, deliver their agricultural products to Basra for 1000 USD.
4- ünye Provincial Desks X should be established in the Ministry of Economy
Our last suggestion is to establish provincial tables within the Ministry of Economy. We recommend that the exports of each province be examined in 3-month periods with the participation of non-governmental organizations and ministry officials, and decisions are made. We think it will guide our exports positively.



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