Couldn't silkworm rails be left from the left

Couldn't the silkworm's tracks be laid from the left: Below is a suggestion from a reader that reflects a very interesting view. I share with you…
But, according to this view, passengers who descend from the trolley do not stay in an even more intense vehicle? I'm publishing, but this is a separate problem.
I read, Mr. HB, writes:
Vay When I go to the Silkworm tram or the nostalgia tram on Cumhuriyet Street, I think of a very interesting 'cause of practice'.
As known, both trams are on the right side of the road. Meanwhile the bus stops are on the right side of the road because there is one way traffic.
That's why the 98 of the roads where the Silkworm crosses is a big mess since the one way road and bus stops are on the right.
Because the otosuses that are operated in the city public transportation are not obliged to take passengers from the first lane, but from the second lane.
For example; Get off the bus. You must first jump over the rails when you need to go on the sidewalk.
Passengers already descended from the bus before an amnesty. The moment you take a step, the tram passes over the rails and the citizen has lost his nose. In the meantime, a person descending from the bus at the stop to fill up the empty BuKart'ı that the moment the Ugly Bug will almost pass over. Only the tram does not go over the rails. Special vehicles are passing, people can hit.
My curiosity is this:
While laying the rail for the tram line, the authorities didn't think it would be more logical to lay the tracks to the left of the road in streets with a one way traffic flow.
Because there is no bus stop on the left side of the streets with one-way traffic, nor is the vehicle waiting.
All vehicles take and remove passengers from the right. Or wait.
There are both a bus stop and a tram stop in the same location, opposite the Old Bıçakçılar Bazaar. I was waiting for my bus there recently.
A disabled person was waiting in the wheeled vehicle with his mother. Buses are here. The bus was not on the rails but on the second. She forced her wheelchair on her own to take her wheelchair back from the elevation to the wheelchair of her handicapped relative. That's when the bus moved. He shouted from behind him. The bus stopped, opened the ramp, and she could barely move her handicapped car over on the bus.
God forbid, but I'm worried about the tram being involved in an accident at this rate. Yours truly." - HB

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