Criticism of Civil Engineers to Orhaneli Road

Critics of Civil Engineers on the Road to Orhaneli: Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) Bursa Branch, 5 October 2014 On Sunday, 13.00 waters held a press conference on slope slippage in the construction of the Orhaneli Highway and announced that the measures taken after the accident could lead to new disasters.
Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) Bursa Branch, 5 October 2014 Sunday at 13.00 waters Orhaneli Highway slope shift in the construction of a press conference, announced that the measures taken after the accident could lead to new disasters. Speaking at the meeting, IMO Bursa Branch Chairman Basri Akyıldız complained about the insufficiency of environmental and occupational safety measures.
Meeting with members of the press at the conference hall of the IMO Bursa Branch BAOB'da Basri Akyildiz and members of the board of directors, Bursa-Orhaneli highway construction of the slope shift in the disaster stressed the return of the coast. Bursa-Orhaneli Highway Misi Village in the beginning of September due to the road work in the beginning of a slope shift in reminding Akyıldız, last Sunday, the same section of the road slope again described as a precaution. Immediately after the accident as a branch of Bursa Bursa IMO Akyildiz stated that they do a series of technical reviews, as a result of technical investigations, they have prepared a number of detection and application proposals, he added.
According to the findings after the examination, Akyıldız stated that the environmental and occupational safety measures are insufficient, and despite the heavy traffic flow, not enough measures are taken in this regard, “Some deficiencies have been determined technically. During the Bursa-Orhaneli highway road works, it was seen that very steep slopes and very uncoated splits were formed on the route, and high stone retaining walls were built in some parts of the heel area where these splits cut the road. ”
Saying that the productions are inadequate in terms of ground and foundation engineering, Akyıldız explained that slope shifts occurred due to the fact that the high slope slopes made on the road route were not suitable for the procedure and instead of gradual excavation to save time.
As IMO Bursa Branch, Basri Akyildiz stated that there are some suggestions such as slope shifts or landslides. Soil and basic survey report should be prepared for the stability. In this regional study, according to the state of the slope topography, a series of soil borings are performed to determine the depth, speed and form of the sliding surface, conducting field experiments, laboratory tests of soil-rock mechanics, inclinometer measurements with soil displacements and piezometer measurements to be placed in the drilled holes. changes in water levels are expected to be monitored in a certain period. ”
Akyıldız added that it is necessary to prepare slope rehabilitation calculations and projects in the region by selecting the appropriate method. It is recommended to review the rehabilitation of existing and existing stream beds and to eliminate any deficiencies in terms of preventing the water branches that may occur towards the slopes in the vicinity of the old stream beds located on the road route and not to cause loss of stability in the slopes in the adjacent areas. I

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