How Çayyolu Metro Murdered Traffic

How Çayyolu Metro Slaughtered Traffic: I have been living in Ankara for about 20 years. I have always lived in the same place, Çayyolu / Konutkent. I recently changed the site and moved to the other side of Eskişehir Road from Çayyolu. In other words, I continue to use the Ankara-Eskişehir Road in the direction of Kızılay, which is the direction where the great majority goes. Because my workplace is on this route.

I know well before the route of Ankara Eskişehir Road which I have been using for 20 years. In the middle of the 1990s this road would be very stuffy in the mornings. The two-lane road was removed by the means three to four. The time spent to go to work, the fuel used by the vehicles was a loss to the national wealth. Stop, stop, stop, 10 minutes in one hour you would go.

Over time, roads were expanded, crossroads were built, underpasses, overpasses were built, so the road traffic problems were searched. In spite of everything, the road to Eskişehir was a more convenient route than other parts of Ankara. However, traffic approached the center, that is to say the Red Crescent was approached by traffic at some point after traffic. Before the target traffic stopped, the ones who were recovering from the traffic fright.

Growing Turkey, Ankara developing, widening of roads with all city, to endure the city traffic came to a difficult situation. This was caused by the car's passion for people, the lack of public transportation, and the inclusion of a car image of a driver on the roads, particularly in urban traffic.

Our understanding of municipality has always tried to solve the city traffic problem with bridged intersections, expanded roads, new roads, lower and overpasses. He left the underground transportation, that is, the underground train application. Even if the subway construction had been done from the very beginning, the underground train would have been less experienced in the transportation. Despite everything, the transformation to the metro was spectacular, albeit outdated. The reason for the exhilaration was that the above ground traffic was once again paralyzed by the underground train. The best example of this is Ankara / Eskişehir Yol.

The Çayyolu Metro was finally terminated on the go for many years. He was immediately taken into service before an election, even if he was severely limping. The complaint is so high that if you intend to take the subway, you also give up. He was going heavy, he had a technical problem, he was resting occasionally, his wagons were too small, he was experiencing a crowd, etc. This is the case, while the Kızılay-Çayyolu line of municipal buses were removed from the expedition. The reason was that these buses were put on the metro from the last stop.

There is another mistake. Çayyolu subway, due to its inability to remove the burden of the Çayyolu while the passenger of the side of Eryaman, Elvankent began to move here by bus. As a result, the citizen's gaunt. Even the Eskişehir Way was closed to traffic by citizens.

The problems of the people of Çayyolu have increased their criticism that the Municipality does not like to provide services to the Çayyolu Neighborhood, where the upper income groups of Ankara live and have difficulty in getting votes.

Returning to work in the morning to go to the hurricane, people who struggle to solve the traffic problem, let's go to solve other problems. Eskişehir Road's smooth traffic, thanks to the application of the metro was broken. The metro stops on the boulevard prevented the flow of the boulevard. These stops should be taken in, so that the bus stops on the boulevard for subway passengers should not obstruct traffic. Especially the Ümitköy area was paralyzed.

In the meantime, the operation of the metron must also be healthy. If you have built a subway, it is not right to move to another subway to get to this subway. If the job is for the service of the citizen, the citizen should do so without complaining about the job. Someone should complain to the complaints about the Çayyolu subway. As long as the service is not taken care of, you will not get there.

Ankara Eskişehir road increased the stress this morning as every morning. Approximately 4 km of the road, the Ümitköy Bridge in the vicinity of the metro blockage due to the 20 minute I could go, the remaining part of my way around the 22 km I went in 20 minutes. ie 4 km 20 minutes, next 22 km 20 minutes. It's not gonna work. At the beginning of my writing 15-20 traffic at the point where I tried to transfer the year before today is not very different from the past. Stop, stop, you can't go up to first gear, you can't drive more than 20-30 km. This is a boulevard with speed limits 90 km.

Cities are all planned, not parts. Infrastructure, superstructure, transportation, constructions, roads, green areas, etc. once planned. This is the case when the countries that have a decent urbanization are looked at. And we are the opposite. According to the policies of the piece is handled in different times when different jobs are done. The patch doesn't patch when it's a patch.

The example I have tried to give in this article is the suffering in other cities. While everyone wanders in space, we can't go straight on our way.

As long as the issue is reduced to me or not, the sense of service in politics will always be lame.

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