World's longest bridge to Çanakkale

The longest bridge in the world to Çanakkale: The longest suspension bridge in the world is built in the Dardanelles. The Çanakkale Bridge will also cross the Japanese bridge, which currently holds the record.
The bridge to be built in the ÇANAKKALE Strait will pass the Japanese bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, and will be in the first row. The Japanese will also build the bridge.
Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci said, “The Dardanelles Bridge will be a project that crosses the world's longest suspension bridge, the Japanese bridge. Hopefully, we will do this with Turkish-Japanese cooperation. ”
Zeybekci answered the press members' questions regarding their contacts and economic developments in Japan.
Stating that Japan is one of the primary priority countries among its plans, Zeybekci emphasized that the free trade agreement planned to be signed between the two countries is one of the important processes. "We think that the free trade agreement with Japan is very comprehensive and in depth," said Zeybekci.
Zeybekci said that they are interested in making and expanding free trade agreements in a time when economic maps change in the world and that Japan is one of the most important targets.
Mentioning that Japan could not fully recover after the global crisis, Zeybekci said that Japan needs to produce more, export and use its funds in third countries. Zeybekci, "one of the most important countries in the world that can give him this opportunity Turkey. In addition to the mutual benefits of the two countries, we consider this extremely important in third countries. Technical negotiations are over, the framework has been determined and official negotiations are starting as of December 1. Our goal is to finish this in a very short time or to bring it to the end point by the end of 2015 ”
4 of the world in the food field of Japan. It was the largest importer striking Zeybekci, Turkey is also the world 7, 1 in Europe. said it was an agricultural country. Turkey's stated that they believe capture significant advantages in this market Zeybekci, he said:
“There are important developments in food. We have mutual problems. We have put Japanese food products in Turkey has some important limitations. They also have restrictions on our products. Our suggestion will be the following: Both countries should mutually recognize each other's certifications, licenses, no extra supervision or laboratory work required.
Japan has reservations about us especially in the fruits and vegetables of the Mediterranean region. We are about to deal with these problems, we have come to a point. There is a 1-touch situation in poultry. For food Turkey, ages vegetables and fruits, overcome some of the problems at the end of 2014 as white meat, we plan to do in 2015 as a de facto trade. "
Stating that Japan's interest in infrastructure investments continues to increase, Zeybekci said that this interest continues with the Gulf Crossing Project, tube passage projects and Çanakkale Strait Bridge after the 3rd bridge to Istanbul.
Stating that they are aiming for the Çanakkale Strait Bridge to reach the level of investment in 2015, Zeybekci said:
“In 2015, it is aimed to start the construction of Çanakkale Bridge. Çanakkale Bridge is a very important project. Alleviating the pressure on Istanbul is a very important project to make Anatolia's connection with Europe without Istanbul. We care about this very much. The longest suspension bridge in the world is in Japan. The Dardanelles Bridge will also be a project that crosses the longest bridge in the world, the Japanese bridge. Hopefully we will do this with Turkish-Japanese cooperation. Negotiations are continuing, they have demands right now. They also put forward their suggestions for solutions. We discussed and finished the part belonging to us and transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. They continue. It is not the only alternative, but I know that the Japanese will be in great desire not to lose this project. ”
The study also evaluates Zeybekçi to increase the number of Japanese tourists coming to Turkey, Japanese tourists, sea, sand, all-inclusive option instead of culture, nature, and he chose the coastal tourism. Turkey's culture and tourism is the world's richest countries in terms of emphasizing Zaybekc was said:
“We need to start a very fast campaign about promotion. 2015 will be a year in which we have taken very different steps regarding fairs and promotions.
We are working on a joint project with Japan on retired and elderly people. We take this very seriously. We do this to the world, too. Turkey is in a position to provide this service to the whole world. The biggest problem of developed economies such as Europe, America, North America and Japan is the hosting and care of the elderly in their countries. This is becoming a huge burden on their economy. We can do this much more comfortably with much more convenient opportunities in Turkey. Rather than hosting 40 million tourists with an average of 600-800 dollars, it is more advantageous for us to host such 1 thousand tourists instead of 50 million tourists. kazancli. We are working on it, we have a meeting with the Japanese in this area.”
This area is just expressing what they see as a future industry Zeybekçi not limited to Japan, these people are not as tourists, in the long term, he said they are evaluating alternative tourism activities in order to stay in Turkey. Zeybekçi, classic Japanese tourists made when necessary publicity also stressed can take more than Turkey.

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