Bursaray claims to use scrap wagons

Bursaray claims to use scrap wagons: It is suggested that the old trains used in the Arabayatağı-Kestel line and which frequently cause breakdowns and accidents are prepared to be used on all lines.

Necati Şahin, a civil engineer, reacted to the preparation of the Metropolitan Municipality for the use of scrap wagons used on the Arabayatağı-Kestel line in all routes of Bursaray. Sahin, "Metropolitan, the fault and accident between the Arabayatağı-Kestel scrap vehicles are spreading throughout the whole of Bursaray is preparing to enlarge the current problem," he claimed.

In the Bursa press, Şahin reminiscent of the fact that the scrap wagons, which were imported from the Netherlands and used in the Bursaray Arabayatağı-Kestel line, were prepared to be used on all lines. Non-air-conditioned vehicles create a large safety risk, even without signaling. As if this is not enough, these scrap vehicles are spreading throughout the Bursaray line and the current problem is being raised rather than being solved. All the negativity will be directly responsible for the Metropolitan Municipality will be, luk he said.

Şahin said, Burs The accuracy of using second hand vehicles in Bursaray should be discussed technically. Vehicle lengths are different. Since the station lengths are 120 meters, it is not possible to use these tools as 4 arrays. İstasyon

'Bursaray's state is deplorable'
Şahin argues that there are planning errors in Bursaray, am We have always said that the rail is not a rail system and railroad, completely wrong planning, even the plan is not painful. This is the product of the 'we know everything' mentality. The scholars pay the price.

The 3 vehicles are used in Bursaray. Used Siemens B48, 80 parts Bombardier, 30 ads for sale and buy. While the number of vehicles designated for the 24 kilometer line in the first stage tender of the Rail System was 52 in feasibility, 2,5 was often 472 minutes, the number of vehicles is now around 100, although more than half of the line length has been made. The system is too normal to operate. At least 120 tools needed more. However, the vehicle purchases with large rents at the end of the line did not run parallel with the line length. Therefore, Bursalı is suffering. At least the university line contract, the first 30 vehicle after the second 30 vehicle approximately 500 thousand euros cheaper than the reason for not receiving the right to take the Bursalının said.



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