Light metro vehicle from Bursa to the world

light rail vehicle from Bursa to the world: the world's rail and public transport that connects the city with the original work of the manufacturers of systems InnoTrans 2014, Turkey and went down in history for Bursa.
In Europe, where the transport system and its vehicles produced by other countries are seen, to be able to recognize and bring, there is now Bursa's signature.
The local tram, brought by the Metropolitan Municipality, has already been opened to the foreign market.
Producing and branding the tram called Silkworm in Bursa DurmazlarThis situation directly connected with Bursa's local investment policy and budget.
Berlin's evening Berlin
Mayor Recep Altepe and Durmazlar We had dinner with Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding.
The most important result En
Reducing the investment cost of domestic production!
While the tram line for the urban voyages of Bursa required the purchase of the tramway vehicle, the 6 Silkworm reached the tracks.
In the tender, the most favorable price offer came from the firm of Bursa, while the prices of the foreign market were affected and the low cost result was reached.
Altepe, T2 for the Intercity Bus Terminal, the tender for the construction of the line, until the latest announced that the muscle will be made.
For every hour of the city Kent
Important and necessary!
On the new line, the 18 vehicle will be purchased.
In parallel with the construction tender, the wagon procurement process will be started.
Altepe President, s those who do not believe us until yesterday, look at the facts. Metropolitan Municipality by Bursa for what is the correct step and benefit of the step taken, the echo of the foreign market and the new tenders are understood from the falling prices. "He said.
The competition created by domestic production will bring down the price cuts of foreign firms and every Euro savings will be more rail system investment.
Domestic production stand at InnoTrans 2014, Durmazlar Holding Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Durmaz Durmazlar Holding Board Members Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik and Sinan Durmaz and Rail System Manager Ahmet Civan.
Altepe, InnaTrans 2014 booth opened as a local administration, with Mehmet Taha Aydın, the consultant in charge of Rail System and Wagon Production, enjoyed the satisfaction of the point.

Between Giants

The rail system industry will increasingly grow, especially with the increase in urbanization and the importance of high-speed trains.
Predictions and expectations like this!
603 thousand vehicle xnumx's metro rail system in Turkey, we learn that light metro and tram 802 of xnumx's.
The larger cities will grow and the lower cities will increase. This process of urbanization, the solution to the problem of public transportation, the path will take the rail system.
According to the going göre
600 in Turkey tram, metro and 300 2 500 have to ride light rail vehicle.
Such a situation, 9 billion US Dollars in the main producer and subsidiary sectors 20 billion US Dollars is expressed as the new business volume.
birth in Bursa, Turkey's national economy and is interpreted as a very important opportunity and will be pulled down in terms of the deficit.

From Bursa to the world, light subway vehicle

DurmazlarWhile attending InnoTrans xnumx'y the tram car, and Turkey's first domestically produced light rail vehicle also took to the stage this year in Berlin.
The location of the automotive center Bursa in the rail sector has also strengthened.
Durmazlar The Holding Chairman Huseyin Durmaz, boldly as the rail company system in Turkey and Bursa they enter, "We are in the world's 100 year entered into a sector where the giant and the pride and excitement that has shown itself." He says.
Taking into account the fact that China is willing to provide its own companies with the% 20 of the projects they are undertaking, and to look for the 60 of Germany, 65 of the US and China, XNUMX domestic manufacturing eler
Writing a success story.
State and government policies need to be heard.
A note Bir
German Siemens, to participate in the tender of an important city in the country Durmazlarwants to see him as a car manufacturer.

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