IETT's botanical bus bus goes on the road

IETT's botanical bus bus goes on the road: Istanbul Electric Tramway and General Directorate of Tunneling Enterprises (IETT) announced that it will launch its new bus named ünel bussaport İ.

IETT's otobüs botanical bus “is located on the roof of the promenade. There are ında more green areas or in Istanbul and the bus will be in service on the roof.

IETT said that konu more green areas konu started with the idea and stated the following:

Y Bus is reducing its carbon emissions by making photosynthesis with its crops. It also saves energy and improves air conditioning performance as it does not directly expose the bus roof to the sun's rays. The wastewater is also watered and the plants in the ecological roof are irrigated.

I Plants were selected from the plants that can survive in summer and winter. In this way, Istanbulites will enjoy an aesthetic and environment-friendly journey with a mobile garden. Böylece

Erece Busset ında 87 will serve in Edirnekapı-Taksim line.

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