Bornova is getting a new boulevard

Bornova is Getting a New Boulevard: Work has begun on the third stage connection road that will connect Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street, which is among the transportation works carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, to Manisa road. In the ceremony attended by Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila, the garden wall of the 57th Artillery Brigade was demolished in accordance with the agreement made with the Ministry of National Defense for road works.
Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that this work is a great project and that they have been working for years and thanked the former Mayor of Bornova Kamil Okyay Sındır for his contacts with the Ministry of National Defense and the Aegean Army Command. Stating that the traffic load of Ankara Street is heavy and they want to find a solution to this, Kocaoğlu said, “This road was our dream. Karşıyaka and Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street to connect Çiğli to the ring road and Manisa, and Homeros Boulevard, namely Uçanyol, for the Buca-Yeşildere axis. Both of them are the ideal solution to ease the traffic of Izmir. " he spoke. Stating that the expropriations continue on the 400-meter section of the road, Kocaoğlu said, “When the expropriations are over, we connect Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street to the Manisa road by increasing its width. We are making Mustafa Kemal Street, which is the most troublesome road, that is, our central market, from being a transit road and making it calmer. " said.
The 700-meter part of the work on the Istanbul Street (Manisa road) connection of Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street, opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in two stages, will end in March 2015. The studies to be carried out by İZBETON will cost 1 million 259 thousand liras. Bayraklı The third part of the road, which will have an important function in urban transportation as a continuous boulevard from the district Smyrna Square to the Bornova ring road junction, will be 100 meters. The road will start at the intersection of 528 Sokak and 467 Sokak and continue until Malazgirt Primary School.
57 in Erzene District for the connection of the new development road to Istanbul Street. Artillery brigade retreated back to the garden wall 17 meters. The 400 meter-long wall was demolished by the Municipality of Bornova and a new wall was built with 350 meters in length and a height of 3 meters. The destruction of the existing garden wall began. The new road will be connected to Captain Ibrahim Hakki Caddesi from the Topçu Brigade Interchange on Istanbul Street. Thus, the cars will be able to enter both Bornova center and the ring roads without getting caught in the busy traffic at the University and Hospital junctions.
The Metropolitan Municipality also opened Yavuz Street, which cuts the captain Ibrahim Hakki Caddesi right from the north and extends to Osmangazi Street, by making it suitable for the zoning plan and widening the existing roads along the route. Yavuz Street at the intersection with Captain Ibrahim Hakki Street at the point of the stream, the highway bridge was built for uninterrupted transportation.

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