Asphalt Works in Beyşehir

Asphalt Works Continue in Beyşehir: Asphalt works carried out by the Beyşehir District Municipality of Konya continue. Beyşehir Mayor Murat Özaltun, in his statement, said that asphalt works in different parts of the district accelerated with the arrival of the autumn season. kazanhe said he did. Özaltun, who examined the ongoing works throughout the district on site, stated that the teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs poured hot asphalt on the gardens of Fetullah Bayır Science High School and Kamil Akkanat Special Education Business Application Center and on the roads that provide access to schools, Müftü Mahallesi Ali Muslu Caddesi, Yeni Mahalle Manas. He said that with the hot and cold asphalt works they have done in the streets and neighborhoods outside the center, the road route for kilometers has gained a healthier structure. Emphasizing that the re-paving works, which started after the old asphalt of the problematic roads in Beyşehir Industrial Site were scraped, will come to an end in a short time, Özaltun said that they made efforts to permanently eliminate the problem instead of patching the deteriorated roads.
Mayor Özaltun, in his statement regarding the works carried out, said, “Our works for repair and modification, patch surface coating and hot asphalt, pavement and pavement in our neighborhoods continue without slowing down. Instead of patching some roads, as we did in the industrial site to make healthier, quality roads, we scratch the asphalt to make it long-lasting, thus we display a more modern work. In order of priority, we will continue to paving our neighborhoods. Our aim is to maximize the living standards of our people and to provide comfortable living conditions. "It is to bring Beyşehir to the point it deserves."

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