Bomb alarm at Beyazıt Tram Stop (Video)

Bomb alarm at Beyazıt Tram Stop: The suspected bag forgotten at the Beyazıt tram stop caused the trams to fail. The brief panic and the detonator detonated the bag was empty.

The incident occurred at the 20.00 ranks at the tram stop at Beyazıt Square. A suspicious backpack forgotten in the stall, Cevizlivineyard and Kabataş caused the disruption of the tram services between and short-term panic in the environment. Security guards noticed the suspect bag and notified the police. Police teams coming to the scene, pulling a security lane around the tram stop, preventing citizens from passing to the station. Bomb disposal teams, who came to the scene, placed a detonator in the suspect bag. Magazines and books came out of the bag, which exploded with great noise. A person who came to the scene with his suitcase after the incident said that the bag belongs to him.

Cevizlibond-Kabataş After the bag, which caused the tram services to fail, the flights returned to normal.



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