A silkworm in Berlin

A Silkworm in Berlin: Our journalist brother from Bursa for Innotrans, the world's largest rail systems fair Ahmet Emin Yılmaz, Serkan Inceoglu and Durmazlar We were in Berlin last week with Öznur Emiroğlu from Makina.

The first local tram and light subway vehicles produced Durmazlar When our plane descends to the airport with the invitation of Makina, the green of the city and the order in its development draw our attention. We call it green Bursa, but next to the green of Berlin, our name cannot be read. As they say, "whoever doesn't eat the fist of the hand would think his sledgehammer." We had the opportunity to visit Berlin before the fair under the guidance of Rıdvan Güler. Wide avenues that are extremely neat. Drivers and pedestrians who strictly follow the rules. You feel a sense of peace. More importantly, trust. Many huge squares where wide streets meet. Seeing the Bergama Museum is a different feeling. It would be a lie if we say we didn't hurt. Anatolia moved there. They have looked at the works that have witnessed many civilizations of the world very well. Well, we paid a lot of money to see these works that we missed.

At the dinner, we are making Bursa backstage with Mayor Recep Altepe, BTSO Parliament Speaker Remzi Topuk and many Bursa industrialists, who are the ideas and supporters of the local rail production. We're at the fair on the second day. It is also nice to see the Turkish flag waving at the entrance. Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik and Sinan Durmaz accompany us. Durmazlar team is full of enthusiasm Silkworm, Green City and the production process are telling. A gigantic place. All the leading rail system manufacturers and suppliers of the world are at the fair. 55 country 2758 company, 37 is Turkish. The fact that a national production is exhibited in such an organization is proud of both our country and Bursa. Durmazlar For this fair it is easy to articulate a budget of about 1 million dollars. It turned out to be a father's brave. 67 percent of the world accepted vehicles produced locally. Now waiting for support. Because the product produced is not the kind to be put on the shelf and sold. We are talking about a market of 9 billion euros in our country in the next 35 year. A great opportunity to reduce the current account deficit. They're standing before us for those who seek fatherhood. They want money or business that is not encouraged.

Source: Ömer Faruk ÇİFTÇİ - I www.dunya.co


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