The joy of the cable car

Teleferic Joy of Disabled Personality: Büşra Aydar who is physically disabled due to cerebral palsy disease realized his dream of a ropeway in Şentepe-Yenimahalle line.

Aydar, who could ride the ropeway with his wheelchair and his family, said “I would recommend the ropeway to all physically disabled friends, I liked it very much Tekerlekli.

Büşra Aydar also thanked Melih Gökçek, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, for the ropeways of the cable car cabins.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by Turkey's first "public transport" into service for the purpose, but not only of Ankara in Turkey draws the attention of citizens from all across Şentepe-Yenimahalle disabilities in the cable car was also considered.


Born in 1993 in Karabük, Büşra Aydar lost her ability to act and became disabled due to cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy). She realized her dream of ropeway in Ankara.

Büşra Aydar, who continued his education life with his determination and desire despite his handicap was decided to eliminate the desire of the cable car, which he loved but with which he could not fit the wheelchair, to learn that the cabins on the Yenimahalle-Şentepe line were designed as ra special di for the disabled.

Büşra Aydar, who reached the ropeway cabins with his handicapped elevator which is one of hundreds of conveniences provided for the disabled by the Metropolitan Municipality which facilitates the lives of the disabled people within the city by making miles of Kent trail paths di in a short time and easily ride on the ropeway.

Büşra Aydar started a journey from Yenimahalle station together with his mother Emine Aydar and watched Ankara from Şentepe Station.

Returning from Şentepe Station, Büşra Aydar shared her happiness with her mother, who continued her journey following Ankara at the highest point.


Büşra Aydar, who ended his journey in Yenimahalle Station, told about his feelings when he got off the cable car:

Im I used to ride the ropeway in Samsun before, but the cabins were very narrow and I could hardly ride. Therefore, I had prejudices about the ropeway. Since I am physically disabled, I do not expect that I will be able to get into the ropeway, and I say to myself, 'How do I ride in a wheelchair?' I was saying. However, I found that the cabins on the Yenimahalle line were featured. When I arrived at the cable car station, I could easily enter the cabins without getting off my wheelchair thanks to the folding of the seats in the cabin. With the view of Ankara, without the stress of traffic, I made a ropeway ride and most importantly a disabled person with a disability ride without any obstacles. I like it very much, I recommend this trip to all physically handicapped friends. I would like to thank Melih Gokcek, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for the services of the disabled. Eng


EGO General Directorate, instead of making separate facilities and equipment for citizens of different categories in terms of physical qualifications, can be used by everyone, taking care to make designs in common conditions.

In this context, the officials of the General Directorate of the General Directorate of EGO also provided the olmayan folding yaşama seats in the cabins to be installed in the cabins in order to enable the disabled people to participate in equal opportunities with the people without disabilities.

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