A woman wore a scarf at the door of the subway car drifted like this (Video)

The woman who wore the scarf on the door of the subway wagon drifted like this: In London, the woman who was worn on the door of the subway wagon moving, was dragged by meters. The moment when the woman, who miraculously survived an absolute death, was dragged, was viewed by security cameras in the subway.

The incident occurred at the Holborn station in central London, according to The Guardian. The woman, who was trying to get on the subway train that was about to move at the last moment, was left out after the doors closed and the train started to act. However, when the braided scarf wrapped around her neck was squeezed between the closed doors, the woman started to drift with the train in motion. After the woman was dragged about 10 meters, the train was stopped at the last moment with the intervention of the officers.

The victim survived an absolute death, but was injured in his neck and back to the hospital.



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