Asyaport Commission harbor back ground land and railroad

Asyaport Commission port back ground land and railroad: Süleymanpaşa Mayor Ekrem Eşkinat attended the meeting of Asyaport Commission, which was established under the chairmanship of Süleymanpaşa District Governor Kamil Kıcıroğlu and who also made observations in Mersin and Samsun.

Süleymanpaşa Municipality Council Members Kamil Günay and Berkay Çakır attended the meeting as well as the Mayor of Süleymanpaşa Municipality. Süleymanpaşa Governor Kamil Kıcıroğlu. Agency and representatives of Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department attended.

The meeting which was planned on Tekirdağ was discussed in detail in the meeting where the Dolsar - Dolfen joint venture, which has previously carried out many projects to the Ministry of Transport, presented the ın Master Plan of Ports Back Field Road and Railway Connections Bağ.

During the meeting where the effects of the existing ports on the city culture and traffic were discussed, the traffic and road problem that might occur after the service of Asyaport was put on the table once again and the meeting lasted for approximately 4 hours.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:45

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