Asphalt Project in Kargı Municipality

Asphalt Project in Kargı Municipality: The teams of the Kargı Municipality of Çorum continue to work day and night to complete the asphalting of the streets and streets before the Feast of Sacrifice.
Kargı Mayor Zeki Şen, who examined the works of the teams, who continue the asphalting works on the Hospital Street in Bahçelievler District, stated that they will continue to work overnight to complete the asphalting of many streets and streets until the holiday.
Şen, 'We plan to asphalt many streets and streets until the holiday. Due to the upcoming fair after the holiday, we accelerated our work to make our streets and streets look better by our guests coming from outside. Our work will continue intensively, and we will complete our hot asphalting works, including our streets and streets with worn asphalt roads. '
Şen stated that they have taken additional measures during the festival and that they have taken all kinds of measures to ensure that the municipal services continue without any interruption.

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