The cooperation protocol between ARUS and VDB marked the Innotrans exhibition

The cooperation protocol between the ARUS and the VDB was marked by the Innotrans fair: the biggest event that has made its mark at the Innotrans 2014 Berlin; It was the protocol of cooperation between the German Railways Association (VDB) and the Anatolian Rail Transport Systems Cluster (ARUS).

German Railways Association (VDB) and the Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) in between all made in Turkey made the protocol will be provided as financial investments in foreign and domestic tender contribute at least 51% and above. Earlier efforts by Ankara Municipality of Arus's largest 324 metro CSR means at least 51% in agreement with local content requirement in the tender provided this agreement and had opened an era in domestic production in Turkey. Similarly, the Federal Union of Railways made with tender protocol thereafter be held in Turkey in all foreign and German companies to invest in railways will be built in Turkey where at least 51% local contribution.

Both sides financially on Railway Technology in Turkey to provide local contribution to make at least 51% joint investment and cooperation.

In this context, ARUS;
Fast Train, Subway, Light Rail Vehicles (LRT), monorail and the Federal Union of Railways to produce rail transportation vehicles, such as trams in Turkey (VDB) industrialists of Turkey in accordance with international quality system together with our local industrialists joint investment and to manufacture, improve the subsidiary industry, increase domestic production and improve cooperation among the members.

Thus the German capital and technology for at least 51% doped domestic partner alliances with domestic firms were transferred to Turkey will take place.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:44

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