Ordu Boztepe cable car line 3 has carried 3 million passengers a year

Ordu Boztepe cable car line carried close to 3 million passengers in 3 years: Nearly 510 million passengers were transported by a cable car, which was built at a cost of 3 million lira 9 years ago, in order to facilitate transportation and increase the tourism potential of the city, to the 3-meter altitude, which is the “cruise terrace” of Ordu. .

The cable car, one of the important tourism investments of the region, attracts great attention of local and foreign visitors to Ordu.

Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, AA correspondent, said in a statement, 2011 in the cable car entered into service in the region's important contributions to tourism, he said.

Yilmaz, 3 2 million 800 annually during the year, thousands of passengers are transported by ropeway, said:

“As of this year, although the season is not over yet, approximately 700 thousand citizens used the cable car. The cable car became our brand. We already give the cable car a lot in our images and photos. Now, domestic and foreign tourists who come to our city have the opportunity to watch our city with its winter and summer thanks to the cable car. He amortized himself in a short time. We made the lending of the ropeway in 2011, how it was, the fatal, calendar of payment of debt started in 2014. As the metropolitan municipality, we started to pay it. ”

  • “Teleferik and Boztepe are inseparable pairs”

Stating that the interest in Boztepe has increased significantly with the cable car, Yılmaz said:

“Teleferik and Boztepe are inseparable. We, as the metropolitan municipality, are doing some work in Boztepe in order to meet the more comfortable needs of domestic and foreign tourists using the cable car and to offer them a nice environment. Because we can not offer a good service to our guests who get off the cable car after a 5-10 minute journey. We initiated works such as space expansion for him, parking arrangement, revision and creation of social facilities. Hopefully, we will make Boztepe compatible with the standards. ”

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