In Ankara, subways carry passengers outside capacity

In Ankara, subways carry passengers beyond their capacity: the problems of citizens living in capital Ankara are increasing day by day.

The problem of transportation in Ankara has infuriated the citizen. A citizen living in Yapracık TOKİ residences on Eskişehir road said, “There are no direct buses from Yapracık residences to Kızılay or another center. Transportation is provided by ring and metro from the region and there is no alternative. How will patients who have indoor fear and panic attack discomfort and cannot use the metro provide their transportation? ” said.

Selahattin Karaahmetoğlu, CHP Giresun Member of Parliament, sent an application to the 153 Blue Table complaint line of the Metropolitan Municipality of a citizen who does not have an alternative to transportation outside of the subway in Ankara but has claustrophobia (fear of indoor space) and panic attack.


Karaahmetoğlu, Minister Ala asked to respond to the question submitted to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, “The problems experienced by our citizens living in the capital Ankara has been increasing with each passing day. The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who was not successful in the construction and operation of the metron, complained about the high costs of transportation costs of the subways, which the Ministry of Transport had completed and delivered in a television program before the election. Then EGO has removed direct bus services and our citizens are trying to reach the ring lines, workplaces, homes with more difficult conditions and longer periods. In this respect; I think the answer to the 153 Blue Table complaint line is the evaluation of the questions sent from the NGO NGO Yapracık Platform and finding a solution. X

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republican People's Party (CHP) asked the following questions to be answered:

Yolu I am living in the Eskişehir road Yapracık TOKİ houses. My question is short, clear and important. There are no direct buses from Yapracık residences to Kizilay or another center. The area is accessible by ring and metro and there is no alternative. I think the question is simple and easy to solve. I would like to inform us immediately whether any work has been done on how to go from the Koru station to the center of patients who are suffering from claustrophobia (closed area fear) and panic attack and can not use the subway. In addition, because the number of times the metro is not sufficient enough to carry passengers, air conditioning and air conditioning is insufficient, the passengers have difficulty in breathing? Do not run escalators in many stations to reduce operating costs and save money? Are there other examples of other cities where the bus ring lines are so long and where the metro reaches 40 minutes? Otobüs



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