Disastrous death in Ankara Metro

Ercan Gönültaş (44) was seriously wounded in the Ankara Metro. Gonultaş learned that he was a schizophrenic and had attempted suicide before.

Ercan Gönültaş, who was 1 year old, died in the hospital where he was seriously wounded. According to eyewitnesses, yesterday morning at the Ankara Metro station, Gonultaş, waiting on the passenger platform began to wait. Kızılay-Batıkent, who took the time of the train, moving to the platform during the movement Gönültaş, all the passengers confused between the look on the rails was threw himself.


After the incident there was a big panic in the station, the 112 Emergency Service teams were informed. Health teams, rails between the train between the left and the legs of the alleged rupture Ercan Gönültaş'i after the first intervention Gazi University Medical Faculty Hospital. He was seriously wounded in the hospital despite all the intervention could not be saved Gönültaş lost his life. It was learned that he was a schizophrenic patient and that he had attempted suicide in 2011. Ercan Gönültaş was divorced from his wife.


After the suicide, the passengers in the platform were taken out and security measures were taken in the vicinity of the station. Private security officers working under the Ankara Metro did not bring anyone closer to the station. Ankara Security Directorate Inspection Teams conducted inspections at the station. After the incident, flights were made on a single line in Ankara Metro. Due to the reduced number of voyages, there was a density of all stations for about 1,5 hours. Passengers are directed to alternative transportation vehicles due to delays, while Ankara Metro announced that da Due to a technical failure, our commercial flights are delayed Yol.



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