The strike of machinists in Germany adversely affected transportation

In Germany, the strike of the machinists adversely affected the transportation: the trains, especially in the districts of Halle / Leipzig, Hamburg / Hannover and Mannheim, as well as suburban, local and freight trains were affected.

According to a statement from the German railway company Deutsche Bahn (WB), the strike of the mechanics, which began this morning at 02.00, caused restrictions throughout Germany.

Approximately one percent of trains are in use after the start of the strike, 30 said in a statement, the company is doing its best to minimize the impact of the strike and the passengers with a limited number of trains, an alternative emergency plan to reach the goals of the target reported.

Under the urgent plan, while some trains were operating in the capital Berlin, many passengers were affected by the strike. At the Berlin main train station, DB staff are guiding passengers on the subject.

  • Passengers react

Şenel Eren, who wanted to go to Aachen with her family from Berlin to attend the wedding of her relatives, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have been preparing to go to Aachen for a week, but they are still in Berlin.

Eren also stated that the children had promised holiday vacation, the city of Rathenow in the morning to go by train, but returned to Berlin because of the strike said.

Using the expression "they have no right to victimize so many people", Eren stated that they do not know whether they will catch up to the wedding or not, and that the high speed train ticket to Aachen is 100 euros per person and will force their budget.

Güler Şahan, who wants to go to Aachen with Eren family, stated that they can go to Aachen if they find a bus.

A Swiss passenger who did not want to give his name stated that he had left for Switzerland from Switzerland but was affected by the strike. Delay and cancellation of trains in the passenger who experienced the unnecessary, the strike deemed unnecessary damage to the economy, stressed that the problem should be solved as a result of negotiations.

  • Passengers in Frankfurt also affected

The strike caused disruptions at the Frankfurt central train station. Because of the strike, many passengers had to change their travel plan.

Passengers who want to change their tickets and get information, queues in front of the tolls, DB officials set up information-support tables for ticket exchange transactions. It was announced that the passengers who are victims of the strike can change their tickets on the internet and the passengers will be eliminated.

While most of the trains were not working due to the strike, it was learned that flights to some regions continued for emergencies. Also, the bus service around the train station also organized additional expeditions to some cities. Many passengers who could not travel by train showed great interest in bus companies.

The machinists' walkout will last 50 hours and end at 20:04.00 on Monday, October XNUMXth.

It is stated that the strike of the mechanics may paralyze the railway traffic in the country as the autumn holiday begins in schools in seven states of Germany this weekend.

  • GDL continues to strike despite DB's new bid

The WB offered a proposal to the mechanics to avoid a strike, but the German Machinery Association (GDL) announced that they would strike, despite the offer.

GDL President Claus Weselsky also said that the proposal was asked to break the solidarity between the mechanics and the proposal did not fulfill the GDL's wish.

DB Executive Board member Ulrich Weber criticized the union and called it "irresponsible" that the strike was announced in such a short time and held on this scale.

30 had offered 3 level 5-level salary increases to 325 for the month and a one-time XNUMX euro payment.

Machinists demand 5 upgrades to their salaries and 2 hours of weekly work. The union is also demanding collective bargaining for the personnel involved in the train, except for the mechanics.

There are 16 thousand GDL members in Germany. Unable to reach an agreement with DB, GDL also took a 14-hour work strike Wednesday.

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