Strike tension increases in Germany

Strike tension is increasing in Germany: In Germany, the 17 bin conductor, the wagon-restaurant employee's 14 hour-long rail strike, and the German Airlines Lufthansa's Germanwings' pilots have today decided to leave the 12.00 hour at 12.

At the German Railway Company (Deutsche Bahn), with the request for more wages and shorter working times, the trainers' union (GDL) did not sail from 14.00:04.00 on Wednesday to 5:2 today on Wednesday. German media, GDL, repeated the requests for mechanics to increase the wage of 2 percent and shorten the weekly working time by 500 hours, while about 160 thousand 3 trains were not made during the action and XNUMX freight trains were not operating. The machinists previously had three warning strikes. Millions of people were devastated during yesterday's action, while additional bus services were not effective in relieving the problem.

Following the paralysis of rail transport in Germany, pilots decided to strike today. Cockpit Syndicate pilots today with the German clock 12.00 hours from 12 hours said they will not fly. The pilots of the warning strike react to the arrangement that retards retirement.


Heilbronner Stimme, one of the newspapers criticizing the increasing strikes in the transportation sector in Germany, emphasized that his "work culture of striking" has changed in his comment titled "The culture of strikes in Germany", and reminded that there were actions to quit for better wages and better working conditions in the past. The newspaper reported that strikes are being made for a safer job today, making it difficult for all employees to make the classic business struggle, which is openly demanded, since large unions must represent all employees in the branches.
Tagesspiegel commented on the strike of the mechanics, ler This is the abuse of the strike law pit, while the Westfälische Nachrichten newspaper ten As the fumes rise after the fight for wages in the mechanic's cabin and pilots' cockpit, those who travel have to forget the following two concepts: punctuality and order. Talks between the Deutsche Bahn and the Train Machineists' Union and the German Cockpit (Lufthansa) and Lufthansa are being struck by strikes, despite the strong performances of the actors. Nervous, unnecessary and exaggerated, ici he wrote.




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