Alaplı Yığılca Highway invites accidents

Alaplı Yığılca Highway invites accidents: While the highway of Zonguldak's Alaplı district and Yığılca district has narrow and sharp bends in places, it causes many injured and fatal accidents, while the insensitivity of the authorities draws the reaction of the citizens.
The narrow and sharp bends of some parts of the highway that connects Alaplı district to Yığılca district have been driving the road of death and fatal accidents while the drivers and citizens who use this road have been exasperated.
Roads are likely to cause accidents to the invitation, by road on the road necessary expansion work, on the road to be re-constructed bridges to be expanded.
Last year, a TIR bridge on this road due to fly from the bridge after the accident, no work is done in the bridge, the bridge is the bridge because of the lack of barrier is similar to the bridge.
Yol This road is a very busy road, heavy tonnage vehicles as well as student services are using this road route. Kocadolama and Örencik bends at the entrance to Kasımlı village on the road prevent the vehicles coming from opposite direction. For this reason, drivers are faced with the risk of accidents. We want the authorities to start working on this matter as soon as possible, Yet he said.
Acar recorded that many vehicles flew over the bridges over the road in the past years. These bridges both narrow and unprotected, last year they flew a TIR from these bridges, but a study on the bridge that fell and crashed after the accident was still not started. Due to the narrow bridges, a vehicle is difficult. In addition, the barriers to the protection of the bridges are not made, as we pass through the bridge almost we feel ourselves as the secret bridge, "he said.
Pointing out that there are 50-meter curved corners on the Alaplı-Yığılca highway, Acar said: These curves are both narrow, sharp, and non-barrier bends on the edge. We have many citizens who have lost their lives by flying down these bends with their vehicles. I took these friends myself. These curves still have no protection barrier, even those drivers who know this way are having a hard time in these corners. These curves, which are likely to be fatal accidents at any moment, should be expanded and a barrier must be placed Her
Following the fatal accidents on this road, officials and politicians came to visit only condolence, but there was no study on the prevention of accidents Acar, said: How can we get past those accidents? There's no one thinking what precautions we can take on this road. We go this way every day for our bread money. The roads need to be well-maintained and expanded, even the asphalts that have been spilled a month ago have been damaged, this road is not only for TIRs but in small vehicles, we expect the authorities to be more sensitive to the issue. These roads should be expanded as soon as other accidents occur and the bridges must be rebuilt and measures should be taken in cliff bends Başka



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