Malatya-Arguvan roadway destroyed no landslide crack

Malatya-Arguvan roadway crack no landslide: Highways Elazig 8. Regional Manager Husamettin Ozendi, Malatya-Arguvan gave information about their work on the highway.
Özendi, in his statement, reminded that they are working to change the route of the district entrance of Malatya-Arguvan highway due to landslide in these sections. Stating that they have passed the road through the southern slope of the mountain within the scope of the study they started last April, Özendi said, "We have made the road for 6 kilometers in 6,6 months and brought the road to asphalt level."
Özendi, said:
“The explanations that there are cracks on our new road do not reflect the truth. There is not the slightest crack on the road, no landslide. There are some roofs in the terrain around the road. It is not clear when those cracks were. That is because Arguvan is a landslide zone. We also measure in the cracks in the field with our drilling machines. ”
Ozendi, this way for the 7 million 200 thousand pounds added to the investment.



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