500 Mileage Maglev Train starts public tests (Video)

The 500 Speedometer Maglev Train starts public testing: One of the fastest in Maglev trains that can go through the air with magnetic levitation technology, begins public testing in Japan.

Maglev trains have a big difference compared to normal trains, they don't have wheels. Maglev trains, which depart from the rails on a magnetic field, are the vehicles that represent the most advanced stages of the train technology and enable them to reach very high speeds.

Japan and China are leading the production of trains using maglev (magnetic levitation) technology. At present, the only continuous running and publicly open maglev train in the world connects the city of Shanghai with the airport, the 431 speed per hour, in China. 30 7-8 XNUMX kilometers per minute, this train can pass over, the Japanese are preparing to raise the bar.

At the latest, 2027 began testing for the special maglev train, which will pass through six stations on the 286 kilometer-long road between Tokyo and Nagoya. With a special propulsion system called yüksel L-Zero çok, the 160 speedometer accelerates the maglev system and increases the maximum 500 speed to a maximum of XNUMX. Since there is no contact with the rails and no friction, these speeds can be reached.

The maglev train line, which opened only to the press members in the first phase, will continue to test with public tests starting from November. Japan does not only produce maglev technology to use in its own country, but also to look for ways to import it. Currently the Japanese government is negotiating to set up a maglev train system that will take the 15 minutes between Washington and Baltimore in the US.



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