Road Safety in Business Environment

Around one million people die every year in the world because of traffic accidents, and 15 is injured a million. Traffic accidents are a major risk factor that cannot be ignored when it comes to ensuring occupational safety and preventing work accidents. Traffic accidents 2 billion pounds of annual cost reaches a significant proportion of fatal occupational accidents every year in Turkey "home-work, on the road between work-home" occur. Disturbingly business environment, road safety, the agenda of the business world in Turkey has become one of the most important issues.
At the "International PRAISE Road Safety Seminar" organized by FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE (MAPFRE Foundation) and ETSC - European Safe Transport Council, Europe's leading road safety experts came together and shared important information on the subject. It resulting quickly showed the need to develop a variety of disciplines and solutions in Turkey.
London Model to Istanbul Applicable!
Speaking at the seminar, Antonio Avenoso, President of ETSC - European Safe Transport Council, said that companies in Europe under the leadership of big companies; He said that he was providing "road safety" training to his employees. Avenoso: “In Europe, 50 percent of traffic accident victims are people who are not drivers, but drive in a business environment. Therefore, companies play a key role in road safety awareness. An employee trained in road safety also trains his family and immediate surroundings. Therefore, the number of individuals trained in chain increases and the risk of accidents decreases. Companies are also getting rid of big costs. " said.
Stating that Istanbul fell behind in terms of traffic and road safety compared to European capitals, Avenoso talked about the importance of the London model in overcoming traffic congestion. Avenoso: “There are busy hours in big cities in Europe, too. Especially London resembles Istanbul in this regard. There is a fee to enter the city center in London with a private car. With a similar application in Istanbul, this density can be relatively prevented. " said.*
the Company; Must Be A Road Safety Policy For Its Employees
Will Murray, Research Manager of Interactive Driving Systems, a speaker of the seminar, emphasized the importance of road safety policies for the employees of the companies. Murray: ın In case of occupational safety in the workplace and prevention of occupational accidents, traffic accident is an important risk factor that cannot be ignored. 3 is a fatal accident in every 1 in the workplace. 10 from every 1 mortal accident in traffic occurs during business trips. An important part of the work accidents that occur every year in the world 'home-work, work-home on the road' occurs. Therefore, the policies that the companies will develop in this regard are extremely important. British Telecom, for example, developed 2001-2011 to reduce the fatal accident rate by 47% during the XNUMX-XNUMX period.
this style of discipline and solutions depending on their HR departments support the development of top management of companies in Turkey, with internal communication needs to be provided to all employees benefit from this training. Examples from the world and Europe show that the budgets to be allocated for preventive measures are much cheaper than costs after accidents.
* Al Jazeera Turkish interview.
Fundacion MAPFRE has been operating since 1975.
The United Nations (UN) General Assembly of the 2 March 2010 Resolution of the World Health Organization and the United Nations regional commissions of the UN Road Safety in cooperation they have done with other partners and various stakeholders on cooperation within the United Nations Road Safety in Action 10 Year, Turkey, It was one of the signatories of the Declaration and was launched on 3 April 2013.
• The cost of a traffic accident to a community reaches the 2 of the country's gross domestic product.
• The cost of each death in the EU to the EU is Euro 1,9 million.
• The annual total price for the EU is EUR X billion. (This figure is the sum of the costs of medical treatment, the cost of recovery, the loss of production capacity, the cost of insurance funds, the administrative costs, the sum of the costs of any kind of loss related to traffic accidents.)
• The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that traffic accidents in the European Region are a major public health problem.
• The World Health Organization (WHO) Office in Turkey, every year in traffic accidents in Turkey, 10 thousand people lost their lives, reported that 200 thousand people were injured.
• In traffic accidents occurring on highways in the world, more than 1 million deaths and 20 million injuries occur every year.
• If not intervened, traffic accidents on the roads are expected to increase and 2030 is expected to be among the first 5 cause of death until XNUMX.
• According to World Health Organization data, losing in a traffic accident in 53 countries including Turkey, depending on the year to 120 thousand people have been killed and 2,5 million people are injured in Europe. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death between the ages of 9 and 29. 40 percent of those who lost their lives in accidents are pedestrians, motorcycle or bicycle riders.
• In the 2013 accident, the 843 bin 537 report was issued. Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir are the top provinces. At the end of the list is Hakkari, Tunceli and Ardahan.
• Accidents cost about 4 billion dollars to Turkey every year. According to the figures announced by the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, the 2012 962 accident report was issued in 749, and this number was 2013 bin 843 in 537. 2014 In January, the number of minutes in the case of material damaged traffic accidents was announced as 53 bin 197.
• According to ETSC data, 26 thousand 25 death last year in the EU, 200 thousand injury occurred.
• The majority of deaths are between the ages of 15 and 29.

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