Our first domestic car brand 'Sakarya'

Our first domestic car brand 'Sakarya': The road map in the domestic car production is becoming more and more clear. Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light, 3 3 from different technologies with different groups in the study carried out by Turkey's first domestic car of the year 2020 statement that will be on the road until we understand that this issue is moving very fast. If this investment is done in Sakarya, the name of our first domestic car brand will be 'Sakarya'. Would it be mu
2020 is the year of 6 year.
Starting from scratch and starting a new factory, 6 is not a very easy task to build a new brand with a new design in the year. However, it is much easier to say that Sakarya is the most suitable place for such an investment. 6 annually is enough to set up an automobile factory according to today's technology if it is decided.
Sakarya is now considered as a production basin rather than local production areas. Plans are in this direction. Therefore, such an evaluation suggests that much larger investments will come to our province in the future.
Eyes as well as on Turkey's Sakarya in the railway sector we need to determine in advance the field of production. In Turkey, the market size is calculated to reach a very fast 80 billion euros in this sector restructuring. Many cities are working to get involved in this market. But among them, Sakarya is much more fortunate. Sakarya should decide where in this market. We are not too late, we need to develop new strategies and make plans without losing more time.
If the address in the domestic car, Sakarya will be for this railway. Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
He continues to work on Sakarya. The Automotive Industry Working Group was formed within the chamber. Efforts are underway to establish Automotive Specialized OSB in the area of ​​4 thousand 500 acres of Seyifl er in Ferizli. TAYSAD conducts feasibility studies with the Automotive Industry Zone.
Automotive Specialized When the OSB is in operation, Sakarya will be an important production center that will meet the automotive main industry and the sub-industry needs of the whole region.
Sakarya is determined to further increase its power in the automotive sector with domestic automobile production. But this commitment has to be shown in the railway sector.

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