50-Hour Railway Strike Ends in Germany

50-Hour Rail Strike in Germany Ended: The Train Engineers' Union in Germany went on a general strike for the second time in a week.

In Germany, the Train Engineers' Union (GDL) went on a general strike for the second time in a week. After the 50-hour strike on the railways that paralyzed transportation, it was announced that there would be no warning action this week. However, Lufthansa pilots announced that they would go on strike again this afternoon.

While the drivers working on the railways completed the 04.00-hour work stoppage that will end at 50:12 today, those who prepared their travel plans on the weekend were devastated. Thousands of passengers turned to buses after the flights were canceled. The German media reported that the employees, who had a disagreement with the German Railways Deutsche Bahn on wage increases and working hours, rejected the company's last-minute offer, rendering the railway network in the country dysfunctional. Hoping that the strike would not be implemented, the company, which was waiting until the last moment, made the passengers at the stations where the traffic was busy, due to the announcement of the canceled flights on the internet only XNUMX hours ago, the autumn holiday.


While GDL member machinists, managers, restaurant employees, trainers and all other personnel participated in the strike, many freight train trips could not be made. It was stated that among the demands of the union was the reduction of the weekly working hours by 2 hours to 37 hours, as well as a 5 percent wage increase. GDL President Claus Weselsky said that while criticizing the German Railways Administration's (DB) management's attitude on the collective bargaining table, they made a warning action for the fourth time, demanding a 4 percent increase in wages of its members and a 5-hour cut in the weekly working time.

Deutsche Bahn sözcüSü said that extraordinary measures have been taken to prevent millions of people from being victimized due to the autumn holidays in 7 different states of Germany and the end of the holiday in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia. DB Board Member Ulrich Weber announced that they estimated the cost of the strike would reach millions of euros.


Engineers union GDL, which stopped railway transportation at the end of the Autumn Holiday in schools, called on the Deutsche Bahn administration to make concrete suggestions to solve the problem within this period. Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt asked the union to stop taking action and return to the negotiating table.


The German Pilot Union Cockpit called its members on strike today from 13.00:60 to midnight on Tuesday.It was stated that the strike, which is expected to affect all flights across Germany, was due to the failure to agree on early retirement with the Lufthansa management and the German Pilot Union representing the pilots. Due to the strikes in March and April, Lufthansa was reminded that it lost XNUMX million euros.

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