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You Sıkışsa; runway

Sometimes, the train stopped by braking and stopped for a long time. No one cared about the passengers, why the train stopped, and no one would make a statement when it would move again. Especially in the 1980, during the construction of the dynamite drive in the Hereke region of the highway, both the highway and the railway would be closed for hours.

But we would go to Haydarpaşa yüksek He was glorious, he was magnificent, we would reach the high-ceilinged building that smelled of history here.

On the other side of Istanbul, your job would be to take the ferry every 5 minutes and reach Karaköy in 10 minutes. The weather is nice, your job KadıköyIf it is, it would be nice to go on foot. Üsküdar would get up to the side of the minute.

You're done in Istanbul, you'il be back in the evening. Istanbul-Adapazarı suburban train, 10-12 would make a mutual trip. You came to Haydarpaşa. Adapazarı direction of the train to take the time to get up, in this magnificent historical building, small, but very cute, even the prices can enter the restaurant, a slice of cheese, a slice of melon with a double rack or a small plate of fresh salted peanuts, a glass of beer contained . You could take the train and come to Izmit after 1.5 hours.

They destroyed our commuter trains. Or High Speed ​​Train. 'They said, leri Who is riding in Izmit for God's sake, who is benefiting? Only one 7 from 2 every day is in Gebze.

Every day between Izmit and Istanbul, between Izmit-Adapazari and have to go. But we don't even have a train.

They already destroyed Haydarpaşa. We will go to Pendik, from there to Marmaray. Come on, I'm willing to. But what happens, I beg you, give us our train back.

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, our city's deputy Fikri Işık has recently proudly announced. Turkey, he is now doing her own train wagons. Very stylish, very comfortable,

It's very comfortable wagons that would make us read the mercy of the shabby, wrecked wagons that we miss now.

But will our city benefit?

3-4 years ago they said, Ekim High Speed ​​Train 29 will start flights between October and October in Istanbul-Ankara. On the same date, the commuter trains will start again between Istanbul and Adapazari. Aynı

YHT has not reached the given date. Last July, YHT started to work in Istanbul-Ankara. I always defended YHT. very important for Turkey, it was a huge investment. But it doesn't help us. There is still no news from Istanbul (Pendik) -Adapazari train that will start with YHT. Several times I wrote in these columns, I said that the second road along with the YHT path is not for commuter trains, but for the use of freight trains.

No one said, “Nothing like that. This way, a commuter train will process. O

Between Izmit and Istanbul, the highway is over. He can't carry the load. This city needs a commuter train. Those who manage our city are going to Istanbul or Adapazari with luxury chauffeur-driven vehicles. But the public, the students need a commuter train.

We're discussing too much in this city. We're talking about the tram, they showed the end of the airport, and then they turned it off. We're discussing air travel. We lift the lights of Yahya Captain from the D-100 to the logistics centers for the TIRs to come and go.

It's all one side. This city needs primarily suburban trains to run between Istanbul and Adapazari. The people of this city deserve the commuter trains that depart from time to time, work regularly, travel economically and safely.

All the officials of the ruling party in our province, the Minister, deputies, mayors, provincial chairman, district heads. They should all come together and shout k commuter train Hepsi.

University, Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Commerce, Union of Chambers of Tradesmen, trade unions, NGOs, all of them should leave aside all other issues, negatives, shortcomings,, Bring the suburban train to this city Ticaret.

We do not deserve to be so neglected and pushed. Especially the sucker does not deserve to be put.

29 We expect commuter trains since October 2013. Will we work one day or not, we still don't know that.

Kocaelili Science Minister, "Turkey is a very modern, very comfortable, he began to produce their cars," he boasted. Don't let us get them. Razıyım, they should give us back our suburban train, even with those old, dirty wagons.

This city is stuck. This city is overwhelmed. We can't even go to Istanbul.

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