Daily 101 passenger transport in Eskişehir tram lines

101 thousand passengers are transported daily on Eskişehir tram lines: In Eskişehir, the crossroads of Central Anatolia, tram lines have been extended to 4 new regions and increased to 40 kilometers. Estram's light rail line, which connects 40 neighborhoods, carries an average of 101 thousand passengers per day.

Eskişehir, 4 was built with iron networks with tram lines extended to the new region. The 24 40 lane line with the existing line was connected to the 20 lanes, which reached the XNUMX mileage.

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen stated that 33 tram started to serve on 7 line from August, 71 on Emek-11 Houses line in Estram's new lines; 18 also started flights in Çankaya-ESOGU line on August.

Since 2004, the tram is indispensable for the people of Eskişehir, said Büyükerşen. Er The second phase of the project was not taken into the state investment program for a long time despite all our efforts. In 2011, the necessary approval was finally extended to 4 by extending tram lines 40 to the new zone in Eskişehir, the junction point of Central Anatolia. Estram's light rail line connecting the 40 neighborhoods carries a daily average of 101 thousand passengers. and in the 2012, construction works started at three different points of the city. al Büyükerşen stated that the main goal of the municipality is to expand the tramway to the entire city in the urban public transportation system. However, it is not possible to reach this target within 1-2 years because it is a high cost investment. Ancak

Eskişehir has the highest technology in the systems and vehicles used in the world by means of tram systems and vehicles in the world. a thousand voyages were made.

The share of the tram in public transportation has reached 40

In Turkey, an oil-fired rubber-wheeled vehicles rather than rail system is the need of the era that emphasizes the use of Büyükerşen, he said: "This is why our priority in inner-city light rail public transportation system. Before the tram, the 30 of the public transportation in Eskişehir was provided by taxi-minibuses and 70 by buses. That is, 100 with vehicles using petroleum derivatives. According to the data of 2013 year, 20 of the public transportation is provided by taxi-minibuses, 40 by buses and 40 by tram. With the second stage tram lines, this rate changed in favor of the tram. The main goal of the city will be to increase the share of the tram to the highest level in the city. Hedef

Energy use less than 10% of the car

Stating that important solutions have been produced regarding the traffic problem with the tram system, President Yılmaz Büyükerşen said, Yılmaz The number of passengers that can be transported by tram using less energy is 3 of the bus and 11 of the car. Moreover, not used fuel oil electricity. Here, the exhaust gas comparison to the environment-nature can be made easily. However, because the traffic problem in our country is also considered as the time to reach the destination, the damage caused by the tire wheeled vehicle traffic is not handled in terms of time and labor loss. Ancak


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