Bomb alarm at Beyazıt Tram Stop (Video)

Bomb alarm at Beyazıt Tram Stop: The suspected bag forgotten at the Beyazıt tram stop caused the trams to fail. The brief panic and the detonator detonated the bag was empty.

The incident occurred at the 20.00 ranks at the tram stop at Beyazıt Square. A suspicious backpack forgotten in the stall, Cevizlithe tram lines between Baghdad and Kabataş caused short periods of panic. Security officials who noticed the suspicious bag informed the police. Police teams from the scene, by pulling the security strip around the tram stop, prevented the transition of citizens to the station. Then the bomb squad from the scene, the suspect put the fuze in the bag. A large noise came out of the exploding bag with magazines and books. A person who came to the scene with his suitcase after the incident, said the bag belongs to him.

CevizliBağ-Kabataş trolley, which caused the disruption of the trolley bag was removed from the scene after the voyages returned to normal.

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