Alaaddin Keykubat campus turned into a parking place for old trams

Alaaddin Keykubat campus turned into a parking lot for old trams: For God's sake, can you look at these photos? All the old wagons are now blocking the roads of thousands of students, faculty members, people going to hospital for health. By the way, new trams cause a transportation ordeal in Alaaddin Keykubat campus. After the tramway construction works between the bus station and the campus that started in the early summer, the on-campus tram line has turned into a parking lot of the old trams. Trams that are in working condition or even more are pulled here and the trips stop since the beginning of summer.

The bus service is not preferred by the citizens when it comes to where and when it is not known. It's very simple to see more than try it out. Because thousands of people walk into the entrance during the day on the campus ring buses are seen to be empty.

Despite the renewed vehicles and the renewed line of transportation between the Aladdin campus boarding passes, this distance is approximately 20 km at 1 hour. We go to Ankara at 1,5 per hour, right?

This does not bother you and no manager.

It is also remarkable that there are very few seats due to the fact that there are double doors on the new wagons. Considering the length of the transportation period in this route where the density is high, it is not possible to talk about comfort in public transportation.

Citizens during the summer and even did not even ride the old cars. So new lines were laid. He spent so much money. (Dare to waste sin). Why are they not suitable for stopping when new wagons are bought?

Did the person who made or made the mistake pay for it?

But I don't want to write anything about it anymore. All I know is that a lot of money was spent a second time on a new line. The wagons were renewed. And ultimately no one who has reached us is dissatisfied with this work. Tell us.

Let me tell you where the place is. Send these old wagons to Beyşehir, the luckiest district of recent times. Wagons go around the lake. Thus, we have developed lake tourism. Say what?


Someone who knows what to say in place, does not have to apologize.


Being open-hearted is our way of life when we become ADAM


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