15 I Drew Years ago, Havaray is finally coming

15 I Drew years ago, Havaray is finally coming: Master Architect Kentbilimci Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp, Ankara and Izmir to think before the 15 years ago projects are now being implemented ..

15 for Istanbul and Izmir projects that have been drawn up years ago, said that one by one. Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp gave the following information about his projects:

I am not counting shallow railed systems from existing streets. Nostalgic tram, light subway and so on… Because they provide benefits on the one hand, on the other hand, they often narrow and compress roads, they cannot move fast enough. In addition, our irresponsible pedestrians and vehicles enter and come out of them.

The main thing is to create a new system, a network in a separate plane from the existing roads. Either below, or above the rail public transportation system to be able to. We call it Metro. Metro is late and expensive for Istanbul, making it a slow and slow system. Istanbullu will be finished until the end. It is inevitable to support the construction of the metro with another fast and economical system.

That's when we need to create a system above, to look up. 'Monorail', in other words 'Havaray', is perfect for this job. The single-rail system on masts is successfully used in many countries. It does not cut the urban fabric, such as Metrobus, Minibus, which is compressed to existing roads, does not suffocate existing transportation. It passes through roads, streams, even houses. Easy, cheap, safe. Besides, it is also pleasant to travel, you see the city from the air. It can be made much faster and cheaper than the metro.

It should have been made to Istanbul instead of Metrobus Hav

When I was a candidate for President of Istanbul in 1999, I drew Havaray, I wrote it, I told him. He was in the press. 09 is a newspaper clipping of April 1999. 2004 and 2009 also reaffirmed my presidential nominations. A small sample was made at Duzce, it works.

It's been 15 years. My hair was whitened, finally Topbaş President explained: 'Istanbul will be made to Havaray.' Thank you President, but for Istanbul 15 year delay big loss' ..!

My projects 15 one by one after each year Proj

Place Marmara Auto-Ray Sea Pass 'TransMar' also ..


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