Big Hit In The Batmanda Train Hit Young

The young boy who was hit by the train in the batter was seriously injured: 24-year-old Mehmet Selim Uçar, who passed the level crossing without a signalization in Batman, was seriously injured as a result of the train crashing.

The accident occurred yesterday morning, at the level crossing without signaling on the Hasankeyf road. Mehmet Selim Uçar, who lives in the Yavuz Selim District, crosses the level crossing to go to work, and DE 22 04 train which made the Kurtalan-Ankara expedition, scrapped and threw it to the side of the road. Uçar, who had fractures in various parts of his body, was treated in the emergency department of Batman Regional State Hospital. Uçar, who was writhing because of the fractures in his chest, said, “I was walking to work in the morning. I never noticed the train. A train hit when the level crosses the rails, ”he said.

An investigation into the accident was initiated.

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