Yesilyurt Municipality strengthens its vehicle fleet

Yesilyurt Municipality strengthens its vehicle fleet: Yesilyurt Municipality continues to strengthen its fleet of vehicles in order to provide better service to its citizens.
Mayor of Yeşilyurt Municipality Hacı Uğur Polat said, ği We are strengthening our vehicle park in order to facilitate our work, increase efficiency in service and provide better service. 3, 4 We received the asphalt finisher machine we ordered the month before.
Our company, which is on the one hand, receives our asphalt pavement, and our metropolitan municipality pours the asphalt and on the other hand we will serve our fishermen with our finisher machine. Our team will be working with this machine without losing time. As we have said since the first day, the power of a municipality is actually revealed by the power of its vehicles and equipment. G
Uğur said:
As In this respect, 1 pieces finisher, 4 pieces cylinders, 1 pieces backhoe loaders, 1 pieces graders, 1 pieces excavators, 1 pieces loaders, 3 pieces brooms, 3 pieces brooms, 4 pieces plows, 1 pieces truck trucks, 1 piece trucks, 1 pieces trucks, 1 pieces asphalt distributor, 23 pcs patch robot, XNUMX pcs trucks and XNUMX pieces in total with our machine machinery will serve Yeşilyurtlu. Yeşilyurt Municipality will continue to strengthen our vehicle equipment. I would like to thank all my colleagues who have contributed. Malatya and Yeşilyurtlu I wish to be good for our fellow.



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