Get HGS From Building Credits Get 1 Get Free Campaign

Construction Get Credit From HGS 1 Get Free Get Together Campaign: The frequent journey between bridges in Istanbul is the time of our daily life. The easiest and fastest way to get through the bridges, the vehicle owners who bought your HGS from Yapı Kredi will not pay the 31 pass for the 4 Pass until 1 Oct.
After typing HGS and leaving a space, you can join the campaign by sending your TCK number to 4454. To participate in the campaign, you must receive your HGS until 30 September. 10 TL points within the scope of invoice payment order campaign for HGS orders kazanwill be. Your HGS invoices combined with Yapı Kredi's Automatic bill payment order campaign kazanThe maximum amount to be paid must be within 50 TL.
KazanThe discounts will be reflected in the accounts on 13 November 2014. Maximum 25 TL discount on a customer free pass kazancan. If you have a car, you can buy HGS, which is mandatory, from Yapı Kredi, and add a small amount to your budget. kazanYou can provide three.

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