They wanted to close the path of death for children

They wanted to close the path of death for the children: the schools that started construction in Bursa did not stop and the students and parents who were sent to another school three kilometers away from their homes, asked for a free transport system due to fatal and wounded accidents on the ring road. Parents and students whose demands were not accepted made action on the ring road.
Many students living in the Millet District of Merkez Yıldırım District were sent to Kazım Karabekir Secondary School, which is three kilometers away, after the construction of the school in their neighborhood was not completed. However, due to the increase in fatal and injury accidents on the ring road, the parents applied to the National Education Directorate for their children to be taken with a free shuttle bus. The parents and students whose requests were rejected gathered on the ring road to express their reactions. The police teams who came to the scene convinced the parents and students who wanted to block the traffic by saying 'let us step in, if you do not get a positive result, you will exercise your legal rights'.
Parents “Our children go to their schools by crossing the road where 8 people died in the last two years. If another child dies, who can account for it, and if our problem is not solved with the involvement of the police, we will lay stones on the roads and block the road to traffic ”.

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