Metrobus rebellion of citizens (Video)

Metrobus rebellion of the citizens: Haramidere metrobus stop waiting for the passengers for several minutes metrobus, the vehicle did not come back to react to the situation.

Passengers waiting in the metamorphic metrobus stop at Haramidere metrobus, reacted to the situation on the vehicle did not come. Citizens who cut the front of a full metrobus stop, hit the glass of metrobus.

Metrobuses, which are intense during the morning, exasperated the citizens. Haramidere metrobus stop waiting for minutes, citizens, metrobus stop at the stop and reacted to continue.

The angry passengers, blocking a full metrobus coming to the station, hit the glass of the metrobus and asked the driver to bring an empty vehicle. Meanwhile, some citizens calmed the annoyed passengers and said, "We cannot achieve anything by doing this."

Then the passengers who hit the glass by cutting the front of an empty metrobus approaching the station, managed to ride the metrobus.



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