Significant Cooperation for Sustainable Logistics from UTİKAD

Important Cooperation for Sustainable Logistics from UTIKAD: UTIKAD, the roof organization of the transportation and logistics sector, cooperates with Bureau Veritas, an internationally independent certification and auditing firm with an annual history of 186. was the pioneer of Lojistik Sustainable Logistics endir certification.

UTİKAD, the International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Producers, which aims to create value for the Turkish economy and the logistics sector and takes care to act with a vision of sustainability, continues its efforts for the establishment of the concept of geçir Sustainability sürdür in the Turkish logistics sector.

Sür Sustainable Growth in Logistics bir theme was prepared between 13-18 October with the aim of bringing together the top executives and decision makers of the global logistics sector at FIATA Istanbul 2014 World Congress.

With the independent certification and inspection company Bureau Veritas, a certification study was carried out which will contribute to the sustainability of the environmental, social and financial assets of the companies in the logistics and transportation sector, which are mainly members of UTİKAD.

In the study developed within the scope of cooperation with UTIKAD and Bureau Veritas, companies that want to obtain gesi Sustainable Logistics ”certificate will be informed about the general requirements of sustainability with a seminar. The company's commitment to sustainability under the title of üd Sustainable Logistics Supervision Fir is; environment, energy, occupational health and safety, employee rights, road safety, asset and customer feedback management will be reviewed. After the audit processes, the companies that are approved will be eligible to receive their documents.

UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin and Bureau Veritas Certification Manager Seçkin Demiralp, who came together at UTİKAD Headquarters within the scope of the project, stated that the study will help the sector to gain new perspectives.

UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin stated that the agreement would make a great contribution to the sector's efforts to create sustainable value through its corporate governance approach.

indicating that the sector needs to invest in the sustainable growth strategy Turgut Erkeskin, he expressed the following: "Globalization today is widespread in the world and the center of the growing logistics industry of the national economy of competition points in Turkey has a role. At this point, sustainable development will lead to sustainable development, Bu he said.

Erkeskin stated that this project was developed to make suggestions to facilitate the transition to the logistics sector and to help these studies be recorded, and emphasized that this project will be an important driving force for structural changes.

The Bureau Veritas Certification Manager Distinguished Demiralp, this project both to the country's development, noting it would be the occasion to be a pioneer in the world from the perspective of sustainability of the logistics industry in Turkey, the analysis evaluated the risk, as in every industry, business continuity and sustainability is one of the essential steps, he added .

Demiralp, "the document types that we designed with the contribution of UTIKAD in Turkey again FIAT will take place in Istanbul, hosted by UTIKAD xnumx't the first time we will have the opportunity to share with the world. We expect this document to be used in an international arena. Bu

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