10 Home was demolished within the scope of Uşak Ring Road Project

10 Home Demolished within the scope of Uşak Ring Road Project: The destruction of the 10 house expropriated within the scope of Uşak North Ring Road project
The 10 house was demolished as part of the Northern Ring Road Project carried out by Uşak Municipality.
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mahallesi Akse Çamlık district before the demolition of the region to go to the Mayor Nurullah Cahan Mayor, said in a statement, the demolition of the owners of the housing with the consent of the said.
Citing the importance of the Northern Ring Road Project, Cahan stated that with the completion of the project, a significant relief will be experienced in the city traffic. Cahan said that they have speeded up the works for the completion of the road in a short time and thanked the demolished landlords for their discreet behavior.
President Cahan said, “We are in favor of having the right owners' willingness in this kind of work. In this way, a peaceful work can be done. Demolition was important in this region, as it was the last link in the ring road connection. We want to complete the project, which is important for our city, as soon as possible. ”
Mehmet Akif Ersoy District Headman Baki Gencer is the obstacle in front of the last stage of the ring road, 10 house collapsed by stating that, by opening the ring road, said the region will develop faster.
Then the houses were destroyed.


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