TULOMSAS worker fell from 10 and died

TÜLOMSAŞ worker fell from 10 meters and died: In an accident in Eşkişehir, a worker died from a height of 10 meters and died.

located in Eskisehir, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. In (TÜLOMSAŞ), the worker named Halil Taykaya (30) fell from the crane he maintained and fell to the ground. Taykaya, who fell to the ground from a height of 10 meters and was seriously injured, died on the way to Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine Hospital. It was learned that Taykaya came to TÜLOMSAŞ, where he worked as a subcontractor, to perform crane maintenance.

The accident occurred at the gear workshop in the TÜLOMSAŞ Factory in the Osmangazi District of the central Odunpazarı District. According to the information received, Halil Taykaya, 30, who worked as a worker in a subcontractor company that undertakes the maintenance of cranes in TÜLOMSAŞ, started to take care of one of the cranes in the gear workshop of the factory. However, Taykaya lost his balance and fell to the ground. Taykaya, who hit the ground from a height of 10 meters, was seriously injured. Taykaya died on the way to Osmangazi University Medical Faculty Hospital. Taykaya's funeral was later taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute. After the autopsy done here, the funeral will be buried.

Meanwhile, interesting information about Taykaya, who died, emerged. It was noted that Taykaya, who was learned to work as a subcontractor in a company in Konya, came to Eskişehir two days ago and started crane maintenance at the TÜLOMSAŞ factory, where the workplace was contracted.

Taykaya's social networking website 'Facebook' on September 8, 2014, 'Today I came to Eskişehir on September 8.' It was seen that he wrote his statement and published his photo taken with his young son.

Police launched an investigation into Taykaya's death.

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  1. There's no need for further ado. Event; It is an example of laubali, oriental-minded BACKGROUND. (Of course, now, someone will make statements with special defense arguments, even before the expert reports and they did not even see the picture of the crime scene…). If an employee works at a height of 10m and is not tied to a suspension point with a seat belt, all responsible “informed, knowledgeable, unrelated” are guilty, they should be punished in the strictest way! In such a way that neither an employee can fall and die again, nor on the head of a man. kazan Let the cap fall and reset the man to the ground level, neither an elevator can fall, nor a car falling into a hole dug in the city center and 5 people drowning in it... We want to take the USA as an example... He would have been fined at least a few hundred million, and jailed, not to mention… With such news, people become hypertensive and do not know what to do with their grief. May Allah reform us all and save us from this damned oriental mentality, laubaliness and behavior!
    In despair, writhing and ambition, mercy to the dead, fortitude to those who left behind our minimum duty. Bari cannot do anything to the survivors, especially children, if they can at least look financially enough and permanently minimize future pains a because they cannot do anything spiritually. (But I fear that he is in vain ar).