Trabzon thinks big

Trabzon is thinking big: Trabzon is planning an economy with a focus on tourism and trade. Target, 5 billion dollars of exports per year, 12 million tourists welcomes, port and logistics center with a large center of attraction to become a center of attraction.

Turkey's most beautiful provinces of Trabzon with nature, and become stars in the economy. At present, 1.1 looks to the future with a billion-dollar export and 3 million-based tourists and the large and small industrial enterprise around 600. growth data in each issue of Trabzon is watching over much of Turkey's average. Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Suat Hacısalihoğlu, 2023 10 12 thousand beds a year in the year they say they aim to be a city that welcomes 5 million tourists and exports 250 billion dollars to increase their strategy to explain says. This year 4 is close to a thousand Arab tourists. We accelerate our steps towards tourism, tourism, nature and cruise tourism in tourism, X says Hacısalihoğlu, who has already prepared very suitable conditions for industrialists in the industrial zone of XNUMX.


Dır Trabzon is the export gate that forms a transition to Central Asian countries that stand out with its proximity to Russia and the Caucasus. 15, which exports the most of our country with exports exceeding one billion dollars. yl is. We export to the country over 100. According to the 2013 year figures, the city economy has exceeded the 15 billion dollars. In terms of bank deposits, we have an accumulation of 5 billion dollars. We are trying to attract the attention of the world and neighboring countries by acting with the local dynamics of Trabzon.


We are planning the Eastern Black Sea Investment Island and Industrial Zone in the sea part of Arsin Organized Industrial Zone which will be the first application of our country in this sense. The project will also solve the investment land problem in the Eastern Black Sea. We have prepared preliminary work for this project. There is great demand from investors.


We have Trabzon Logistics Center project at the border of Of. We will offer a very strong infrastructure service and support to the opening of SMEs to the Eurasian Market. Russia will be an important center for trade with the Silk Road and China. 9 technology was set up in the Technology Center. These; Rapid Prototype Technologies, 3-sized Scanning Technologies, Silicon Molding, Laser Marking Technologies, Laser Cutting Technologies, CNC Technologies, Medical Software, Powder Metallurgy and MIM Casting.

2 congress center for one thousand persons

TRABZON World Trade Center Exhibition Building has been re-projected to meet the needs of the region in the international congress and accommodation sector. In addition to the World Trade Center and the 7 thousand square meters convention center, which will be built in the five-star hotel contract is also signed.

Giant investment for winter tourism

With the support of DOKA (Eastern Black Sea Development Agency), Uzungol-Ovit Winter Tourism and Ski Center will be implemented as a project targeting the winter olympics. 170 Million Euro budget project has a great interest and demand from the gulf countries. Although there is currently no facility for winter tourism in Uzungöl, many skiing companies from abroad like the natural ski areas and Uzungöl'ı introduces the world.

Cruise tourism is growing very fast

Turkey from Trabzon, Batumi, Georgia, the Russian Sochi, the Black Sea port with the protocol signed between the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Ukrainian city of Yalta is being done for the development of the cruise tour. Trabzon pioneered the platform. In 2013, 27 has organized a cruise tour for Trabzon within the scope of the cruise tourism destination and only in this way 20 has provided tourism movement around a thousand. Every year, the region is introduced in cruise tourism fair in Miami.

We make 40% of hazelnut export

TRABZON Commodity Exchange Chairman Ş. Güngör Köleoğlu, the 8 percent share in the total of Trabzon hazelnut harvest, but the company says it made the 40 percent of Turkey's total hazelnut export of Trabzon. President Köleoğlu reports: hedef Now, our goal is to increase the efficiency of hazelnuts. Because especially in the eastern Black Sea region from the east of Unye to Batumi all trees 80-100 annual. Therefore, the efficiency is low. As Trabzon Commodity Exchange, we developed a project together with the Giresun Hazelnut Research Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture. We're trying to make sample gardens. We are buying some land from the producer and we are planting new. According to the analysis of soil fertilizer, we are preparing for production. The producer sees how high the yield is, and according to him, is planting new to the remaining land. In addition, we would like to provide support for the product, not the land. The producer must produce as much nuts as possible. Ne

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