Automotive's new favorite is the train

The new favorite of the automotive manufacturer is the train: The center of the automotive industry has taken to the rail system and technology fair, InnoTrans, held in Bursa, Germany. BTSO President Burkay said, "There is a train next for the supplier industry."

In Bursa, which rolled up its sleeves to become the new Detroit of automotive, the route became rail transportation systems. Bursa firms from the automotive industry base in Turkey, the world's largest rail freight landed in fair InnoTrans. 96 companies and 150 businessmen from different fields from armchairs to metal parts participated in the International Railway Technologies, Systems and Vehicles Fair (InnoTrans) in Berlin. Companies that are members of the "Rail Systems Cluster" initiated by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) met with the global players of the sector. BTSO President İbrahim Burkay said, "The companies working in the automotive sub-industry have seen that they can produce for rail vehicles such as trains and trams."

Silk Road, opportunity opportunity
Reminding that 10 billion dollars will be spent for rail systems in 150 years, Burkay said, "Why will Bursa get its share from this?" he spoke. Turkey Exporters Assembly Chairman of the China Desk in that country Burkay, "China's iron will spend the Silk Road project to life. "This 150 billion dollar project is an opportunity for us."

1.000 TL support to the fair
Speaking about the Global Fair Agency Project, which is open to 34 thousand members of BTSO, Burkay said, “We provide support up to a thousand lira to members participating in business trips abroad. There are businessmen who have been in the industry for years and have received passports for the first time in their lives. They see that they are not far behind the world, ”he said.



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