Kırıkkale Governor Kolat examines YHT

Kırıkkale Governor Kolat examined YHT'ı: Kırıkkale Governor Ali Kolat yesterday visited the village of Karacalı visited the village. Kolat, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project here on the site examined the construction work.

In addition to Governor Ali Kolat, Deputy Governor Rıfat Ata, Provincial Police Chief Hasan Onar, Provincial Special Administration General Secretary Atanur Aydın, Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization Turgut Çiçek, Provincial Social Survey and Project Manager Hasan Gerem and Defterdar Veysi Şahin are ready. was found. Kolat visited the village of Karacalı in the center and visited the villagers for a while. sohbet and listened to their problems. Later, Governor Kolat examined the construction works of the High Speed ​​Train Project and wished the workers working here convenience.

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