Siemens Bursalı has preferred the giant

Siemens preferred the giant from Bursa:Durmazlar Holding Board of Trustees Vice President Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik, Turkey's first indigenous tram scheme in which InnoTrans fair in Berlin "Silkworm" and light rail mediator "Green City," he said showcased interests. Turkey also takes place where 55 countries from 2 thousand 758 company's products exhibited by voicing is considered to be the largest exhibition in the world in the rail sector of the fair Yılbirlik, "This year 5 Bursalı more than 25 Turkish companies had participated in the fair," he said. Yılbirlik stated that they have reached an agreement with Siemens regarding the production of the light subway vehicle that they have released from the product range and that the company will now go to light subway mediator tenders with Green City.

Stating that they completed the product range one by one in the urban rail system travel transportation, Yılbirlik emphasized that the metro vehicle will be produced next year and will complete the city product range. Explaining that Green City, like silkworm, is the first domestic mediator in the light rail model in the same industry, Yılbirlik said, “When we set out on the road 5 years ago, we took the localization rate to the fore. One of our goals was maximum localization. After the 5 years, we have reached 67 percent localization rate. ”

“We lost the Izmir tender we won on the field at the table”

One of the sectors that are most open about the rail sector, the current account deficit of the system Yılbirlik pointed out that, "In Turkey, we are talking about 18 billion euros, according to the currently market overall calculation. The current account deficit due to domestic production to meet the needs of Turkey's very important. We continue our efforts to fill this gap and achieve our goals. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's “Mansion and Karşıyaka Yılbirlik, who also evaluated the developments related to the tender for trams, said: “We entered the tender held in February as the vehicle supply contractor of Gülermak company. 5 companies that gave suggestions in the tender put the Silkworm we produced in the suggestion files. As a result, Gülermak company won the tender. We started preparations for a production of 38 million euros, consisting of 68 sets. However, due to the reason we could not understand in the following process, we were disconnected from the company that received the tender. In August, we learn that Gülermak agreed to purchase the vehicle from Rotem, a South Korean company that has proposed and lost the same tender. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who stated that he was pleased with the procurement of vehicles from a local manufacturer, also approved this. We have never looked back. We look to the future. ”

Explaining that the condition of locality in rail system auctions is determined by law in most of the developed countries and that it is unconditionally complied, Yılbirlik said, “In the auctions Germany places 60 percent, China 70 percent, Russia 70 percent, USA 65 percent. In us, foreigners can come and shake their hands and give them without any mediator localization condition. There is no legal obligation. While the Istanbul metro should be much more, it comes out with a 30 percent condition. It is not important to put it, it is necessary to check it, "he said.

“Rail systems should be supported like the defense industry”

Turkey in 1000 is located in 1603 Total rail access mediator, including in Istanbul and Yılbirlik explaining that the import of all but the 6 they produce, said: "Up to 2023, 600 trams in Turkey, 300 light metro, Needs 2500 metro mediators. It is a 35 billion euro market including infrastructure with high speed train. One of the 4 critical sectors in reducing the current account deficit is rail systems. In order to encourage the domestic producer, some applications should be brought to the forefront and supported like the defense industry. If this is not the case, we will miss the 9 billion euro market in the next 35 years. As we entered the market, vehicle prices fell from 3.2 million to 1.6 million euro. Here, half currency remained in our country. In addition, the remaining part of our country remains in our country when it is purchased locally and it turns to production and employment. 67 percent of the cost in terms of monetary amount is domestic. We import 33 percent ”

Production of Bogi to Alstom

Emphasizing that one of the most important parts in rail system vehicles is bogie, Yılbirlik stated that they produce one hundred percent local bogie to French Alstom company as well as tram and light metro vehicles. Yılbirlik stated that with the agreement, they will increase the production of bogi to 450 to 600 per year. Yılbirlik, with Alstom factory in Turkey who want to establish for the High Speed ​​Train project also noted that continuing negotiations.

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