The second Marmaray will benefit the districts

Which districts will the second Marmaray be useful? It was recently announced that the 28-kilometer metro line to be built between İncirli and Söğütlüçeşme in Istanbul will pass under the Bosphorus and connect the two continents. The survey work of the line will be completed in 2015. So in which regions will this line increase housing prices?

The project, which is similar to Marmaray, will pass under the metrobus line. The project that will connect Kuruçeşme-Beylerbeyi with a tunnel under the sea will be completed by 2023.

New line KadıköyIt will end in İncirli, passing through Üsküdar, Beşiktaş, Kağıthane, Beyoğlu, Eyüp, Zeytinburnu, Güngören and Bahçelievler. There will be 15 stations on the line.

For those who want to invest in the new Marmaray route, the most recent housing prices are as follows:

According to Real Estate Index; KadıköyThe average square meter of residences for sale in Turkey is 5 thousand 600 lira. Prices in the region have risen 30 percent since last year.

In Üsküdar, the average square meter housing price increased by 20 percent in one year and reached the level of 3 thousand liras.

The annual increase in Beşiktaş is 27 percent. The average square meter price is 10 thousand 488 liras.

In Kağıthane, prices increased by 13 percent to 2 thousand 269 liras.

In Beyoğlu, the square meter sales price increased by 11 percent in one year and became 5 lira.

The square meter sales price in Eyüp was 2 TL. The annual increase is 700 percent.

Housing prices in Zeytinburnu increased by 36 percent to 2 thousand 632 liras per square meter.

The increase in Güngören is 29 percent, the average price is 2 thousand liras.

The sales price per square meter in Bahçelievler is 2 thousand 35 liras. Prices increased by 21 percent in a year.



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