Opening of Rail System Test Center will be delayed for one year

The opening of the Rail System Test Center will be delayed for a year: Since the Rail Systems Test Center entered Eskişehir's agenda in 2009, it has been talked about how big a center it will be, it is stated that it will be a great investment.

Undoubtedly, in order to understand the meaning of such an investment and the added value it will create, it is necessary not to be blind or to understand the economy and industry. Therefore, Rail Systems Test Center, Eskişehir people from Eskişehir also see the necessary interest in industrialists.

Although it attracts so much attention, the center cannot go beyond just saying "We will make a big investment in Eskişehir" due to problems such as bureaucratic obstacles or lack of knowledge due to the inability to specialize in the implementation of the project. Until the last time.

As a journalist who has written and written dozens of articles on this subject, I believe the need to hear concrete steps taken instead of hearing such good words. As a matter of fact, 3 May 2014 Director of Anadolu University Vocational School of Transport and URAYSİM Project Manager

Dr. Ömer Mete Koçkar made important statements on the subject and we, as 2Eylül Newspaper, announced Koçkar's statements to you with the title "They gave a date for the first time".

Speaking to AA, let's remember what Koçkar said that day; “We expect the change in the purpose of allocation of the land to be unsigned. We have completed the architectural work of the buildings to be built there.

As soon as the signature comes, we will start building our buildings. We're planning to hit the first dig in the coming summer months.

The construction works that we will start at the end of 2014 may end in 2017. URAYSİM, 2017 can be commissioned in.

Dr. This statement by Ömer Mete Koçkar was evaluated separately by our newspaper as it was the most concrete statement made regarding the result on this issue since 2009.

According to this statement, the first digging would be shot in the summer we left behind and the center would have been brought to Eskişehir in 2017. As a matter of fact, we stopped discussing the size of the project and the contribution it will create, and we started to wait for the work to start as soon as possible.

WE LEARNED IT WILL OPEN IN 2018 Yesterday Anadolu Newspaper's headline was also directed at this issue. Rector Prof.

Dr. Naci Gündoğan visited the newspaper and gave a new history by expressing the statements he has been told about so far.

Anadolu University's most authoritative name said after emphasizing the importance of the center; “We lay the foundation within 6 according to the plans, hit the pickaxe. We have been preparing specifications for two years.

We're being very meticulous. We consult on how many institutions.

An excellent rail systems test center will be established in 2018. " We have read that the foundation that should be laid in the summer months, the center, which should open in early 2015 in 2017, has been postponed to 2018.

For the 5 years, the delay of the center of the center, which we expect to be opened for years, can be explained for many reasons. Bureaucratic obstacles, lack of knowledge, non-specialization, fine netting.

At least, when the center is opened, the authorities can come out and give them a date. This is an important development.

An important explanation. Now that we understand the importance of the center sufficiently, we understand that we are now at least a moment to dig though we all feel comfortable.

Let's witness the future of Eskişehir being reshaped all over again ..

. Because every day we are late is counted as a day taken off from Eskişehir's future.



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